1.Soy peanut soy milk



1/2 cup of Soybeans

20 Wolfberries

Clear water



1 Soak the shelled peanuts in clean water for 2 minutes, wash and set aside.

2 After washing the dried soybeans, soak for 8 hours. (You can also dry the soybeans without soaking.)

3 Soak the wolfberries in clean water for 5 minutes, wash and set aside.

4 Put the peanuts, soybeans and the wolfberries in the soymilk machine. Pour in clean water and the amount of water is between the two marks.

5 After the soybean milk maker is connected to the power supply, select the “wet beans” function (in the case of soaked soybeans).

6 When the “buzzer” of the soymilk machine sounds, the soymilk is ready. Use a sieve to drain the bean dregs (the bean dregs can be used to make pancakes, balls, etc.), now you can enjoy the fragrant soy milk!


2.Red Bean Barley Soy Milk


50g of red beans

50g of Barley

7 pieces of winter melon skin

7 pieces of watermelon skin




1 Wash the red beans and barley with water and soak them for 8-12 hours.

2 Wash the skins of the winter melon and watermelon. The old skin on the outside must be left. You can add crumbs.

3 Cut the winter melon skin and watermelon skin into thumb-sized pieces, around 7 and 8 pieces each.

4 Put the ingredients into the soymilk machine (pour the water for soaking red beans and barley), add water to the water level and you can start making soymilk. Now just wait for the hot soy milk to be ready.


3.Sesame Black Soy Milk



80g of black beans

10g of Peanuts

10g of Black sesame seeds




1 Soak the black beans for 4 hours after washing and soak the peanuts for 1 to 2 hours after washing.

2 Wash the black sesame seeds.

3 Put the soaked ingredients into the soymilk machine and pour in water.

4 Start the soybean milk program and boil it into black soybean milk. You can add in rock sugar according to your personal taste.


4.Rice Pumpkin Soy Milk



50 grams of soybeans

20g of rice

30g of Pumpkin

1000ml of water



1 Peel the pumpkin, wash and cut it into small pieces. Wash the soybeans and rice. Weigh soybeans, rice and the pumpkin slices to your prefer amount.

2 Place the washed soybeans, rice and diced pumpkin into the soymilk machine. Add drinking water around the 1000ml water level

3 Select the soy milk button to start the machine. When the soymilk maker emits a “drop” beep (about 29 minutes), the rice pumpkin soymilk is ready.

4 Pour the beaten rice and pumpkin soy milk into a container, and it is ready to be drink.


5.Longan Jujube Soy Milk


60g of red beans

6 longan

3 jujube

10g  of Japonica rice





1 Soak the red beans overnight. Wash the jujube, remove the core and cut into small pieces. Remove the longan shells and remove the core thus leaving the meat. Wash the japonica rice.

2 Pour all the ingredients into the soymilk machine and add water to around 900ml.

3 Activate the function of “double concentrated soybean milk”

4 Add a little sugar after the drink is ready.

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