1.Honeydew Sago



1 honeydew melon

50g of Sago

150ml of coconut milk

White sugar



1 Boil 1 liter of water, then add in sago to boil for 5 minutes. After boiling, turn off the heat, cover the lid and simmer for 20 minutes.

2 Pour out the water, rinse the sago with clean water and drain the water for later use.

3 Cut the honeydew melon in half. After removing the seeds, use a mini scoop to dig out small balls for use.

4 Cut the remaining honeydew melons and mash them with a food processor to form about 250 grams of melon puree.

5 Boil a pot of water, pour the coconut milk into a container, then place it into a pot of boiling water. Add 1 tablespoon of sugar and stir until the sugar dissolve and the coconut milk is now slightly hot.

6 Add the honeydew melon puree, honeydew balls and sago with the coconut milk. After cooling, put it in the refrigerator for at least 3 hours.


2.Red Bean Sago



100g of Sago

150g of honey red beans

250ml of milk

Condensed milk



1 Wash the sago, put it in boiling water and cook until there is a small white core in the middle. Turn off the heat and simmer for 5-10 minutes.

2 Put the cooked sago into a bowl with ice milk and put it in the refrigerator for half an hour.

3 Honey red beans can be purchased as a finished product or boiled by yourself. If you boil it yourself, the red beans should be soaked in advance to shorten the cooking time.

4 Boil the red beans until they crack, add in brown sugar and boil until the soup thickens. Let it cool, add in condensed milk and stir evenly to increase the milk flavor and sweetness.

5 Take out the refrigerated milk sago, put it in a container and top on the sago with honey red beans.


3.Pumpkin Sago



100g of Sago

Half a Pumpkin

Fresh milk



1 Peel the pumpkin and cut it into pieces

2 Put the pumpkin in the steamer and pour some water into it to cook

3 Take out the pumpkin pulp, mash it with a spoon and let it cool for later use

4 Rinse the mucus on the surface with cold water and put it in a bowl for later use

5 Pour the pumpkin puree into the blender, add 300cc of fresh milk and mix well

6 Pour into a cup and add in sago.


4.Banana Sago



70g of Sago

1 banana




1 Boil water in a pot and add in sago to boil.

2 When the sago is still a little white, turn off the heat. Cover the lid and simmer for a few minutes.

3 Then continue to boil and simmer for a few minutes until there are no white spots.

4 Spread the cooked sago with cold water.

5 Next, peel the banana and dig into circles.

6 Put the cold sago and bananas in a bowl, then add milk.

7 Add honey before serving.


5.Mango Sago



Mango, sago, milk



1 Wash the mango, draw a cross knife and cut it against the mango core

2 Hold the middle of the peel with your fingers and remove the pulp.

3 Soak the sago in water for 1 hour, pour water into a pot and bring to a boil. Add the sago and cook until it turns transparent and turn off the heat. Rinse with clean water and soak in cold water to avoid them sticking together

4 Pour milk into the pot, add sago dew to boil after boiling.

5 Pour in the mango and turn off the heat after boiling.

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