1.Tomato and Egg Soup



1 egg

1 tomato


1 Wash the tomatoes and cut into hob pieces. Finely chop the green onion, ginger and garlic.

2 Knock the eggs into a bowl and mix the eggs evenly.

3 Put oil in a pot, add in the green onion, ginger and garlic when it is around 60% hot and stir fry. Add tomatoes and stir fry.

4 Add cold water and salt.

5 After boiling the pan, pour in the egg liquid. Add in chicken essence and sesame oil and the dish is ready.


2.Sponge gourd and Egg Soup



Eggs, Sponge gourd



1 Peel the sponge gourd, wash and cut it into pieces. Add in salt and beat the eggs into egg liquid.

2 Heat up the frying pan, lay in the egg liquid and fry until it solidifies.

3 Transfer to a soup pot with water. Boil the water, drip a little oil and add in the slice sponge gourd.

4 Roll until the sponge gourd is broken, add a little salt to season and your dish is now ready.


3.Cabbage tofu and egg soup



2 eggs

300g of tofu

100g of Chinese cabbage



1 Beat the eggs in a bowl, add in  salt and beat them evenly. Cut the tofu into small pieces and set aside.

2 Wash the cabbage and break it into small pieces for later use.

3 Heat up the wok with oil, fry the egg mixture and shovel it into small pieces.

4 Pour a large bowl of water to boil, add in the sliced ​​tofu slices.

5 Add the smashed ginger and green onions and cook for three minutes.

6 Add in salt and chicken essence.

7 Add the cabbage to boil and turn off the heat


Gentle Reminder: Do not cook the cabbage for too long as it will ruined the taste and color.


4.Kelp and Egg Soup



2 eggs

50g of Kelp

Green onions



1 Wash the kelp and cut into small strips, mince the onions.

2 Heat up oil in a pan and sauté the chopped green onion.

3 Put in the kelp and stir fry.

4 Add in salt and pepper powder and stir well.

5 Pour in water.

6 Cover and bring to a boil.

7 Add a little cooking wine and salt to the eggs and mix well.

8 After the pot is boiling, pour the egg liquid in a bowl.

9 After the egg has solidified, stir and add a little salt and MSG to finish the dish.


5.Spinach and Egg Soup


Spinach, eggs, salt



1 Wash the spinach and cut into sections.

2 Bring water to a boil in a pot and add in spinach once it boils

3 Beat the egg liquid and slowly pour it into the pot. Stir slowly with chopsticks while pouring and don’t use too much force

4 Pour in sesame oil.

5 Add a pinch of salt.

6 You can also put MSG before serving for freshness! (It can be omitted)

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