1.Black beer stew


500g of Beef ribs

500ml of Black beer

2 segments of Cinnamon

2 White Kou

3 bay leaves

3 Star anise

3 scallions

5 slices of ginger

2 garlic cloves

8ml of Braised Soy Sauce

8ml of Fermented bean curd soup

100ml of Hot boiled water



1 Mix all kinds of spices with fat and thin ribs. Seasoned with soy sauce and fermented bean curd

2 The protagonist’s full glass of dark beer is the finishing touch.

3 Blanch the beef ribs and stir-fry the spices, boil the beef ribs in a pot under cold water. Remove the blood.

4 At the same time, raise the frying pan, add all the spices and fry until fragrant, pour the blanched beef ribs and stir fry evenly.

5 Place the dark soy sauce, fermented bean curd sauce, dark beer and water in turn and boil.

6 Then add a little salt to the pan, turn to low heat and simmer for 20 minutes, then it is ready!


2.Black beer butter shrimp


1kg of Shrimp

2 tablespoons of garlic

4 peppers

20 curry leaves

1 tablespoon of curry powder

4 tablespoons of vegetable oil

3 salted egg yolks

200ml of  evaporated milk

320ml of Guinness dark beer

1 tablespoon of salt

Half a tablespoon of sugar



1 Heat up a pan with a little oil and sauté the minced garlic, curry leaves and chili until fragrant.

2 Add salted egg yolk and stir fry for 8-10 minutes. (Fried until silky bubbles appears)

3 Add evaporated milk and curry leaves.

4 Slowly pour a little Guinness black beer into the mixture and boil until 1/4 volume.

5 Season the shrimp in the sauce.

6 Finally, add green onions and coriander (according to personal preference) and enjoy.


3.Black beer pork jerky


700g of lean pork (Shredded)

300g of pork belly (Shredded)


1/4 cup of light soy sauce

1/4 cup of fish sauce

1/4 cup of rice wine

1/4 cup of southern milk

1/4 cup of oyster sauce

320ml of Guinness black beer

220g of Sugar

1 teaspoon of salt

1 teaspoon of five-spice powder

1 teaspoon of white pepper

Add all the ingredients and boil together. Simmer on low heat to half the volume. Season according to personal preference.



1 Put the lean pork and pork belly in a food processor to make a paste.

2 Put the marinated mixed pork in the refrigerator overnight.

3 Spread 80 grams of mixed pork on parchment paper and fold the parchment paper to cover the surface of the mixed pork.

4 Use a rolling pin to evenly push the mixed pork and put it in the refrigerator for 30 minutes.

5 Place the mixed pork slices on a baking tray in a preheated oven at 250°C.

6 Remove the parchment paper on the top. Bake for 8-10 minutes on each side. Enjoy.


4.Black Beer eggs



10 eggs

1 can of Guinness black beer

1/2 tablespoon of dark soy sauce

1 tablespoon of soy sauce

Rock candy



1 Eggs are cooked and peeled for later use

2 Add black soy sauce, soy sauce, rock sugar and beer to a pot and boil

3 Put the eggs in the marinade until the sauce thickens. Your dish is now done.


5.Fried meatballs with malt and black beer



600g of minced pork

2 Dutch green onions (chopped)

1 green onion (diced)


1 tablespoon and a half of soy sauce

1/2 teaspoon of salt


1 teaspoon of sesame oil

1 teaspoon of sugar

1 egg white

1 tablespoon and a half of corn starch

Ingredients for malt sauce:

150ml of Guinness

120ml of Water

90g of  Soy sauce

30g of  Dark soy sauce

120g of Tomato sauce

1/2 teaspoon of salt



1 Add the minced meat to the marinade and marinate for 2 hours.

2 Add Dutch green onions to the minced meat evenly.

3 Fry over medium heat until it is cooked throughout. Set aside and drain the oil.

4 Evenly mix all the sauce ingredients.

5 Put the sauce in a wok, simmer on medium heat for about 3 or 4 minutes until it thickens, add meatballs, mix well and bring to a boil.
(If you don’t like meatballs, you can replace them with scallions)

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