1.Oreo strawberry yogurt cup



Strawberry, yogurt, chopped OREO, coconut



1.  Prepare a layer of minced OREO, a layer of diced strawberry pulp and a layer of yogurt

2. Spread it layer by layer and sprinkle it with coconut paste at the end!


2.Purple Sweet Potato Oatmeal Yogurt Cup



Purple sweet potato, banana, yogurt, dried fruit + oatmeal (or can be replaced with fresh fruit and oatmeal)



1. After being steamed, press the purple potato and banana into puree

2. Put a layer of mashed purple potato in the cup, then a layer of oats, then mashed banana and lastly another layer of mashed purple potato.

3. Pour yogurt to 3/4 full and finally sprinkle with dried oatmeal or fresh fruit (free match).


3.Kiwi Oatmeal Yogurt Cup



Kiwi, oatmeal, yogurt



1. Spread a layer of oatmeal on the bottom of the cup and then arrange the kiwi slices along the sides of the cup

2. Then pour the yogurt until 2/3 full and finally sprinkle a layer of oatmeal and decorate the surface with diced kiwi fruit.


4.Fresh orange avocado yogurt cup



Avocado, milk/unsweetened yogurt, fresh orange



1. Dice the avocado and press it into puree, mix well with low-fat milk or use sugar-free yogurt instead of milk

2. Rub the fresh orange with salt to clean the skin, then cut it into slices

3. Pour in the avocado milkshake/yogurt and sprinkle oatmeal on the surface.

5.Blueberry Dragon Fruit Yogurt Cup



1 box of thick yogurt

Dragon fruit




1. Peel the dragon fruit and cut it into small cubes.

2. Pour the yogurt into the cup and add the cut dragon fruit.

3. Place a few blueberries at the end and now you can enjoy.

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