1.Oreo Cheesecake



1 pack of Oreo cookies

120g of biscuits

100g of butter

Cheese filling materials:

500g of Cream cheese

250g of Light cream

Oreo cookies

140g of Sugar

1 tablespoon of Unflavored Gelatin

2 tablespoon of warm water



1. Boil the butter in water and set aside.

2. Scrape the filling of the Oreo biscuits at the bottom of the cake with a knife, break them together with other biscuits at the bottom of the cake and remove them.

3. Slowly add in the melted butter to the cracked biscuits and mix well

4. Pour into the oiled demolding model and flatten them evenly. Then, place it in the refrigerator for about half an hour.

5. Slightly break the Oreo biscuits with cheese filling and set aside.

6. Add unflavored gelatin into warm water and boil.

7,For the Cream cheese, add sugar to beat.

8. Whip the Whipping cream quickly, then add in the unflavored gelatin and cream cheese and mix well

9. Then add in Oreo biscuits and mix well.

10. Take out the refrigerated part and pour the cheese filling in and smoothen it evenly

11. Pick up the model and shake it a little to shake out excess bubbles and decorate the top

12. Then put it in the refrigerator and refrigerate until they harden or overnight.


2.Oreo Milk Jelly



5 pieces of OREO

350ml of Milk

90g of Marshmallow



1. Pour the milk into a pot and heat it, add in marshmallows after frothing.

2. Stir the marshmallows until they melt and turn off the heat.

3. Use a sieve to filter out the foam and pour it into a bowl/container.

4. Cover with plastic wrap after cooling and refrigerate for 4 hours. After cooling, cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate for 4 hours.

5. After the jelly has solidified, mash the Oreo biscuits and sprinkle on top to complete


3.Oreo Snow Mei Niang



Anti-sticking powder: 60g of glutinous rice flour

Snow Mei Niang’s skin:

125g of Glutinous rice flour

35g of Corn starch

200g milk

55g of Granulated sugar

15g of Hot water

25g of Butter


150g of Whipping Cream

30g of Oreo cookie crumbs

10g powdered sugar


Steps for Anti-sticking powder:

1. Put 60g glutinous rice flour into the pot and stir fry until cooked. You can smell it and see the color

2. Generally, the color will be slightly yellow and the state will be slightly solid.


Steps for Snow Mei Niang:

1. Melt the sugar with hot water and mix it with milk, then add in glutinous rice flour and corn starch and stir the batter.

2. The batter will be lumpy, so filter it with a flour sieve.

3. Steam the filtered batter in a pot on high heat for 30 minutes or in a microwave on high heat for three to four minutes.

4. The butter melts into a liquid state and can be heated in water or in a microwave oven.

5. Add the liquid butter to the steamed batter and stir evenly. The stirring is relatively relax, you can also knead it evenly by hand

6. Then put it in the refrigerator for half an hour to cool

7. While waiting, whip the Whipping Cream with powdered sugar.

8. Oreo is ground into fine powder with a grinder.

9. Use a spoon to make a dough of about 30g. Put the dough in the cake flour and roll into circles

10. Prepare  a small bowl (the kind with soy sauce and vinegar).

11. Use your fingers to push into a round slice. Or use a rolling pin to roll it into thin slices and put it in a small bowl.

12. Put a small spoonful of cream and add some Oreo powder and some cream.

13. Move the edges closer to the middle and pinch the mouth tightly.

14. Take your finished dish out of the bowl and take an oil paper to hold it


4. Stretchable Oreo



Oreo cookies

1/2 pack of  Marshmallow

A small piece of butter



1. Remove the inside of the Oreo and set aside.

2. Preheat the pot, pour  in the butter and heat until it has melted

3. Add in marshmallow and Oreo, friends who like milky flavor can add an extra spoonful of milk powder

4. Stir thoroughly until the marshmallows melt

5. Put the marshmallows into the Oreo cake and your dish is complete!


5.Oreo Potted Ice Cream



2 egg yolks

120ml of Milk

60g of White granulated sugar

5ml of Rum

240g of Whip Cream

Oreo cookies



1. Whisk the egg yolk and white sugar fully and evenly until it becomes light yellow.

2. Pour milk in a pot, then put the whipped egg yolk in it and heat it together

3. Turn off the heat before boiling and use the room temperature to let the milk and egg yolk fuse together

4. Put the stirred milk and egg yolk liquid in the refrigerator for 1 hour, then whip the light cream. Around 60% will be enough

5. When there are obvious lines, do not over-whip, then mix it with the refrigerated egg liquid and put it in a container

6. Freeze overnight (more than 6 hours)

7. After freezing, take it out and you can see the ice cream frozen in pale yellow

8. Then cross out the cream in the middle of the Oreo cookie

9. Use a rolling pin to roll the biscuits into small pieces. If you like to chew the biscuits, you don’t need to roll them out too small.

10. Spread the biscuits on top of the ice cream, and put a piece of mint grass to complete-

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