1.Lemon Special

Lemon Yakult Ice Crush - Ang Sarap


Half a Lemon

200ml Yakult

A moderate amount of Sugar

A moderate amount of Hot water

A moderate amount of Cold water



Step 1. Rub the lemon with salt, the lemon will give off a lemony fragrance


Step 2. Add an appropriate amount of sugar to the cup depending on your preference. Next, add some hot water to melt the sugar


Step 3. Add appropriate amount of cold water to the hot water cool so that become lukewarm.


Step 4. Slice the lemons and squeeze each slice of lemon into the cup. You may now dispose the lemon slices as they will no longer be needed.


Step 5. Pour Yakult into the cup and put the cup in the refrigerator to cool overnight. Your drink will be ready to serve in the next day.



2.Passion Fruit Special



2 Pieces of Passion fruit

1 bottle of Yakult

1 slice of lemon



Step 1. Cut in half and hollow out the passion fruit. Place the passion fruit into a glass

Step 2. Pour the Yakult into the glass.

Step 3. Add some cold water or ice cubes.

Step 4. Add lemon slices for decoration.


3.First Love Special


A can of Sprite

2 pieces of strawberries

A moderate amount of Ice cubes

2 bottles of Yakult



Step 1. Cut strawberries into small cubes and place them in a cup. Set them aside.

Step 2. Mash the cut strawberry into a paste and pour them into a glass. Then, add in some sugar and ice cubes.

Step 3. First pour Sprite into a class, then slowly pour 2 bottles of Yakult in. You will see a gradient with strawberries on the top and Yakult at the bottom.


4.Summer Mango Special

How to Make Mango Yakult Juice


200g Mango

200ml Yakult

A moderate amount of Ice cubes



Step 1. Cut mango into small pieces

Step 2. Pour the mango and Yakult into the blender. Next, beat for a while until there are no chunks of ice or mango left.

Step 3. Pour into the cup and your drink is ready to be served.



5.Dragon Fruit Special

Dragon Fruit with Yakult (.90) by Vanessa Chia


Half a piece of red dragon fruit

Half a bottle of Sprite

A bottle of Yakult



Step 1. Dice the red dragon fruit and put it in a cup

Step 2. Pour the Sprite in. Then, pour the Yakult into the glass and mix well.

Step 3. Your drink is ready to be served.


6.Blueberry Special



A moderate amount of Blueberries

A bottle of Yakult

A moderate amount of Ice cubes



Step 1. Place the blueberries in the glass. Pour the bottle Yakult in.

Step 2. Stir the mix for about 10 second. The drink is ready to be served


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