1. Tofu Tangyuan

Tofu Tangyuan

Picture from: flickr,minghonlai

Ratio of glutinous rice flour to soft tofu 1:1

A little of red bean or peanut filling



1. After Mixing glutinous rice flour with soft tofu, add in water and knead them into dough.

2. Add in red bean or peanut fillings into the small Tangyuan (You can also choose to not put any fillings in it)

3.Use boiling water and boil them for 3-5 minutes and pick them up after. Now you can enjoy the delicious low-calorie tofu Tangyuan that you have completed.


2.Pumpkin Tangyuan sweet soup.

Pumpkin Tangyuan sweet soup.

Picture from: Agneta

150g pumpkin puree

10g sugar

100g water

250g glutinous rice flour


1.Steam the pumpkin after peeling it, pour out the excess water, add sugar and press it into pumpkin puree.

2. Stir the water and 100g of glutinous rice flour into pulp first before mixing with pumpkin puree. Continue by adding in the remaining glutinous rice flour and mix them well.

3.Divide the pumpkin glutinous rice ball dough into small 30g balls, knead and squeeze them slightly and your job is complete.

4. Another cooking method is to cook a pot of simple sweet soup in combination, such as longan soup or red bean soup are best suited.


3.Tangyuan with Chocolate filling


Tangyuan with Chocolate filling

Picture from: Weibo

1 box of ordinary sesame dumplings

80-100g of dark chocolate

1 packet of fried peanuts kernel

2 spoons of coconut oil


1. Remove the Tangyuan when they have finished boiling(Remove when floating) and run them with cold water.

2. Put it in a container and freeze them for 1-2 hours

3. Add in coconut oil on the melted chocolate then sprinkle the chopped peanut kernels(any amount you like)

4. Poke the well shaped Tangyuan with a toothpick and dipped into the chocolate sauce.

5.Put it in the container again, and freeze for 10 minutes. (If it has been shaped nicely, the chocolate sauce will solidify when it touches the Tangyuan. Thus, this step can be omitted.)


4.Salted egg yolk custard Tangyuan

Salted egg yolk custard Tangyuan

Picture from: 木由子攝影

1 bag of small dumplings

1 salted egg

Some chopped green onion


1. Firstly, throw the red and white glutinous rice balls into the frying pan and fry them for later use.

2. In a separate pan, pour a small amount of oil and the chopped salted eggs and stir fry them. Stir-fry the salted eggs until they become foamy and add in the dumplings and mix well.

3. Sprinkle some chopped green onions when you are almost finish and the dish is complete.


5.Grilled Octopus with Cheese Tangyuan

Grilled Octopus with Cheese Tangyuan

Picture from:矽谷美味人妻KT

6 fresh meat Tangyuan

Moderate amount of MOZZARELLA CHEESE

1 spoon and a half okonomiyaki sauce (you can use soy sauce paste instead)

Moderate amount of milk

Moderate amount of Wasabi

Moderate amount of bonito flakes


1. Boil the fresh meat Tangyuan in boiling water, remove and dry when done.

2. Coat the baking pan with some oil to prevent stickiness, and put the salty Tangyuan into the baking pan.

3. Add in the mozzarella cheese and bake at 220°C (425°F) for 10 minutes.

4. After taking it out, add in a huge portion of okonomiyaki sauce, a moderate amount milky milk and Wasabi, and sprinkle some bonito flakes to finish it off.

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