1. Avocado Tuna Mustard Salad


8 slices of sashimi tuna

2 avocados

1 lemon

Some mustard and salad dressing



1. Cut the avocado, peel the skill and cut the core into pieces. Add in lemon juice and mix well;

2. Cut the tuna into cubes, add some mustard dressing and mix well;

3. Finally, mix the avocado and tuna fish in a large salad bowl and it is ready to serve.



2. Avocado, tofu and minced meat shrimp cakes


150g of shrimp slip

Half an avocado

1 piece of firm tofu

Ground pork


Green onion

A pinch of salt and black pepper



1. Season the ground pork with salt and black pepper and marinate for 5 minutes;

2. Add in the prawns, avocado puree, tofu, minced meat, and chopped green onion in a large bowl and mix well. Then, put it in the refrigerator for half an hour;

3. Take out the bowl and divide it into small balls and press them into round boxes, stuff corn starch on each sides;

4. Slowly fry the oil over small and medium heat and cooked until both sides are golden brown.


3.Fried Rice with Avocado and Egg


1 avocado

Half a chestnut

Half a carrot

5 pieces of fresh mushrooms

1 egg

100g of ground pork

1 teaspoon of light soy sauce

1 teaspoon of sesame oil

1 teaspoon of sugar





1. Cut the avocado, carrots, fresh mushrooms and green onions into cubes and prepared the corn kernels.

2. Lightly marinate the ground pork meat with soy sauce, sesame oil and sugar;

3. Stir-fry carrots, fresh mushrooms and corn kernels with oil, add appropriate amount of salt, set aside;

4. Stir-fry minced pork with oil

5. Add oil to the scrambled eggs until they are fully cooked and scramble, cook the rice over high heat, crush the rice into grains, and fry quickly;

6. Add in the carrots, fresh winter mushrooms, corn kernels and pork minced meat. Stir-fry well and turn off the heat;

7. Finally, add in the avocado and diced green onion, mix well and done.



4. Shrimp Salad with Avocado


Half an avocado


Corn kernels

1 egg

A pinch of basil

10 cherry tomatoes

Little salad juice



1. Wash the shrimp, remove the shells and intestines, fry until it turns golden brown and set aside.

2. Add in the halved tomato, cooked corn, fried shrimp and eggs into a large bowl;

3. Add your favorite salad dressing and mix well. (It is recommended to choose low-fat salad dressing with healthy avocado.)

4. Finally, add in the avocado cubes and shrimp, and sprinkle some basil to finish it off.



5. Guacamole with nachos


1 Avocado

1 tomato (diced)

1/3 onion (diced)

1 tablespoon of lemon juice

Half a pack of Mexican corn flakes

Salt and pepper



1. Cut the avocado, peel the skill and remove the core. Then, put it in a large bowl and press it into puree;

2. Add the diced tomatoes and onions to the avocado puree and season it with salt and pepper

3. Finally add lemon juice and mix well (lemon juice can slow down the oxidation of avocado).

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