1. Spring Rolls with Shrimp and Fresh Meat Shepherd’s Purse


250g of minced meat

150g of Shrimp

400g of Shepherd’s Purse

3 green onions

2 slices of ginger

3 spoons of cooking wine

1 tablespoon of salt

1 egg



1.Peel off the shrimps and chop them into puree. Wash the shepherd’s purse and chop finely.

2. Place the minced meat, shrimp paste, and shepherd’s purse into a larger container. Then, add in cooking wine, salt, green onion, ginger, egg, and sugar. Stir in one direction and mix well.

3. Take a spring roll wrapper and add the filling.

4. Roll it up, fold on both sides and roll it up again. If the seal does not stick, you can dip it in some water.

5. Heat the oil in a pan and fry the spring rolls. Use a medium to low heat.

6. Fry over low heat throughout the whole process, fry until one side turns golden, then turn to the other side. Fry until it turns golden brown before serving.

2. Shrimp and Mango Salad Spring Rolls


12 Shrimps


Half a Mango

A few pieces of spring roll wrappers

Thousand Island Sauce



1. Wash the shrimps and cook them with water. Remove the shells

2 Diced the shrimp and cucumber, washed, peeled and diced the mango

3 Add in Thousand Island sauce, mix well to form Salad filling

4 Take a piece of spring roll wrapper, and salad filling, roll up one by one and wrap it for later use

5 Put the spring rolls in a hot oil pan and fry until the surface turns golden brown.


3.Easy version Mexican chicken burrito


100g of Spring roll wrapper

200g of chicken breast

80g of Cherry tomatoes

20g of lettuce

3g of Chili powder

3g of Pepper

80g of eggs

200g of bread crumbs

2g of Salt

Cooking oil



1. Prepare the ingredients: wash the cherry tomatoes; soak the lettuce in salt water and drain the water.

2 Use a flat knife to cut Chicken breast. Cut the ​​chicken into slices.

3. Prepare the breadcrumbs and collect the liquid.

4 Fry the meat slices, add in the egg mixture and then the bread crumbs. Fry until it turns slightly yellow on both sides.

5 Take a spring roll wrapper and add the lettuce, chicken, cherry tomatoes. Lastly, put on the sauce.

6 Roll it up and it’s ready to eat.


4. Taiwanese Oyster Rolls


600g of Oyster

300g of Leek

5 shallots

2 tablespoons of sweet potato powder

Spring roll wrapper

Rice wine (for blanching oysters)



1 teaspoon of salt

2 teaspoons of salt and pepper

1 teaspoon of sugar

Sesame oil

Flour water

1 spoon of flour (any gluten)

3 tablespoons of water



1. Prepare a pot for the oysters.

2. Gently wash the oysters with running water and drain for later use; wash and drain the leeks and cut in about 2 cm in length. Chop the shallots

3 After the water is boiled, turn to low heat, add some rice wine and oysters and cook (don’t let the water boil)

4 When the oysters become filled, they can be drained and set aside.

5 Put oil in the wok (lard is best), sauté the shallots until they are slightly colored, and pour the oil into the oyster. Add seasoning and sweet potato powder and mix well.

6 Add the sweet potato powder with the leeks and mix well.

7 Pour the oysters and leeks in the same pot and add sesame oil and mix well, (Try the saltiness and taste of the soup on the side of the pot and make adjustments)

8 Prepare the flour, water and spring roll wrappers. The ratio of flour to water is 1:3.

9 Start wrapping the oyster rolls. Put the filling first and make sure that each roll has oysters in it and roll them up.

10 For deep-fried oyster rolls, start frying with medium-low oil temperature around 160 degrees.

11 When the spring rolls descend, small bubbles will appear on the sides. Slowly fry with medium and small fires. Turn them when they turn slightly golden and turn the fire to high heat. When the spring rolls are golden and crispy, turn off the pan and you’re done.


5, Thai Fried Shrimp Roll


12 fresh shrimps

12 sheets of Spring roll wrappers

10g of Corn starch

5g of Table salt



1. Prepare the shrimp first. Remove the head and thread, add in Thai chili sauce, cornstarch, salt and add black pepper according to your taste. Marinate the shrimp for 30 minutes.

2 For the marinated shrimp, use a knife to cut the belly of the shrimp to avoid it from curling. Then, pick it with a toothpick.

3 Cut the spring roll wrapper to the same width as the shrimp body. The extra spring roll wrapper can be cut into strips, which can be used when serving.

4 Wrap the marinated shrimp with spring roll wrappers, and put a little water starch on the end of the spring roll wrappers, so that the spring roll wrappers will not fall apart during the frying process

5 Put the oil in the pan, and when it is about 150 degrees, add the extra spring roll wrappers and quickly pick them up after the oil. Don’t take too long as it will change the color.

6 Open the tail of the shrimp and wrapped with spring roll skin, so that the fried shrimp looks more beautiful. Put it in the oil pan and fry.

7 Take out the toothpicks in the shrimp meat, heat the oil again and put in the shrimp rolls. Re-fry it until it turns brown, and take them out to serve.

8 Put a piece of oil-absorbing paper in the plate, put lettuce leaves and sauce (optional), place the freshly fried spring roll wrappers as a side dish, and stack them at will

9 Then stack the fried shrimp rolls and enjoy.

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