1.Spinach and shrimp skin mixed with eggs


180g of spinach

2 eggs

15g of Shrimp skin

50g of Soaked fungus



2 grams of salt, 4 spoons of rice vinegar, 1 spoon of sugar.



1 After the water in the pot has boiled, add in the washed spinach and blanch it for about one minute until the color has slightly changed. Remove it, quickly rinse under cold water and then drain the water for later use

2 In a separate pot, turn to the lowest heat and brush a thin layer of oil on the pot with a brush and then pour in the beaten egg liquid. Slowly turn the pot to spread the egg liquid evenly on the bottom of the pot.

3 Turn the pan until the egg liquid stops flowing. When the edges of the egg skins are done, turn them over and turn off the heat after a few seconds.

4 Shred the egg skin, the spinach into sections and the fungus. Place them in a bowl before adding in the washed shrimp skins.

5 Add in seasonings, mix evenly and then serve.


2.Braised Spinach with Egg



3 eggs

50 grams of blanched spinach

15 grams of carrots

2 grams of salt



1 Place the spinach and carrots into a food processor and smash them.

2 Take out a knife to beat the egg. Add in salt, beat and mix well.

3 Brush a thin layer of oil on the egg cooker.

4 Pour in part of the spinach egg mixture on low heat.

5 Then use chopsticks to roll the solidified egg skin from one side to the other.

6 Pour in some egg liquid on the vacant part. Shake it evenly and roll it up again after they have solidify

7 Repeat this procedure until the egg liquid is used up.  (Use a spatula to make it easier to roll into a fat egg roll.

8 Take out the cut section.


3. Spinach rice

蒜味菠菜飯| 料理123


1 hand of spinach

1 sausage

Rice for 3 people

1 teaspoon of peanut oil

Chopped green onion and ginger



1 Put the washed spinach in water after boiling to blanch for a few seconds. Then, turn off the heat and remove the spinach as soon as it changes color.

2 Then, quickly rinse it under cold water, remove the water and cut into fine pieces for later use.

3 Cut the sausage into slightly larger dices for later use. Don’t cut them too small or they will fall apart during frying.

4 Pour oil in a wok, add in sausage with minced green onion and ginger to stir-fry on low heat until the white part of the sausage becomes transparent. Turn off the heat when you can smell the aroma.

5 After turning off the heat, pour in the blanched and chopped spinach.

6 Stir-fry the spinach evenly with the remaining temperature in the pot and let all the spinach stick to the oil.

7  Steam rice in a rice cooker.

8 When the rice is done, pour in the fried spinach sausage.

9 Quickly mix the vegetable rice well, then cover with the lid of the rice cooker and simmer for 5 minutes.


4.Spinach Spring Cake


260 grams of flour

160g spinach juice



1 Break the spinach and wash it, Place it in a pot after boiling the water to blanch until it changes color. Then, remove it and let it cool.

2 Place the spinach into the wall breaker. Add in water and beat into sauce. *The blanched spinach is 150 grams with 150 grams of water)

3 Place flour in a large bowl and pour in spinach juice.

4 Mix into dough, then cover with a damp cloth and let it rest for half an hour.

5 Take out the dough and arrange it into long strips. Then cut into 20 grams each.

6 Round and flatten the small dough and then roll them into thick dumpling-like noodles.

7 . Use a small brush to apply a thin layer of oil on the dough. Sprinkle some flour, then brush the oil again. Repeat two or three times, don’t be too rough on especially the edge part of the cake.

8 Then stack on another piece of dough and repeat the oiling and powdering process until you reach the level you want. Don’t brush the last one, keep it dry and roll it out.

9 Then wipe the dough pad and roll the dough as large and thin as possible.

10 Put it in an already opened pot and steam for 6 minutes. (If you stack ten sheets at a time, steam for ten minutes but the lid should not be closed tightly. Leave a hot vent to prevent the color from changing)

11 Take it out while it’s hot, uncover it and place on a cloth. When it is still ho, place it in a fresh-keeping bag. The cabbage will remain soft when it is cold. Enjoy!


5.Stir-fried Shrimp with Spinach



240g of Shrimp

110 grams of spinach (blanched)

3 slices of ginger,

2 tablespoons of cooking wine,

half a teaspoon of salt



1 Wash the spinach leaves after removing the roots. Thaw the shrimps beforehand and wash them.

2 After the water in the pot has boiled, add in the spinach and blanch until it changes color. It takes less than a minute, then quickly remove it  and let it cool.

3 Then chop the spinach, the green onion, ginger and set aside

4 Pour oil into a pot, add in ginger to simmer after it is hot. Pour into the shrimps, turn to high heat and stir-fry to dry the water from the shrimps.

5 When there is no water left in the pot, add in cooking wine with salt and stir-fry evenly.

6 Finally, add in the diced spinach to stir-fry evenly before removing from the pan and enjoy!

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