1.Dry fried mushrooms


200 grams of oyster mushroom, 100 grams of starch,  salt, 50 grams of flour,  cumin powder, chili noodles, 1 egg,  sesame



1 Prepare the oyster mushrooms: Remove the roots, tear the mushrooms into strips by hand and soak them in warm water for a while. Gently rub the surface to clean and dry the mushrooms.

2 It is necessary to ensure that the mushrooms are held in a state where there is no water seeping out. Prepare a small bowl, mix them according to the ratio of starch and flour 2:1. Prepare another bowl, knock in the eggs and add a little salt.

3 Break the eggs into liquid, stir evenly with the mixed powder and add in water to melt it until the batter is adjusted to a straight line state left by the chopsticks

4 Now, add in a little more cooking oil to the pot and start heating. When the oil is heated to 70%, place the oyster mushrooms in the batter and start frying in the pot.

5 Slowly fry the mushrooms over medium heat until they turn golden brown. Then, remove the mushrooms from the pot, reheat the oil, add in the mushrooms and deep-fry them again. Start serving by sprinkle with cumin powder, pepper Powder and sesame.


2.Fried Enoki Mushroom


Enoki mushroom, salt, sugar, pepper, sesame oil, chef’s fried powder



1 Pour in all the seasonings into a bowl, add in an appropriate amount of water and stir to form a paste.

2 Cut the square seaweed into a one-inch rectangle.

3 Take the small bunches of enoki mushrooms, roll them with seaweed and seal with corn flour.

4 Stick the bunched enoki mushrooms with seasoning batter and fry until they turn golden brown.


3.Fried King trumpet mushroom


200g of king trumpet mushroom, 40g of flour, 40g of starch, 1 egg, 2g of salt, homemade salt and pepper, 50g of water



1 Wash the king trumpet mushrooms and drain out the water.

2 Cut the king trumpet mushrooms first, and then tear them into small pieces by hand.

3 Combine 40 grams of flour, 40 grams of starch, 1 egg, 2 grams of salt, 2 grams of homemade salt and pepper and 50 grams of water. Place them together to make a smooth batter.

4 Let the batter sit for 15 minutes.

5 Put the torn mushroom into the batter and evenly cover the batter.

6 Fry in a pan until they turn golden brown. Remove and Enjoy!


4.Fried Abalone Mushroom



1 packet of abalone mushrooms, ½ teaspoon of black pepper, 1 tablespoon of curry powder, 8 tablespoons of self-raising flour, ½ of teaspoon salt, water



1 Mix the fried ingredients evenly until there are no particles left. Then, form a thick batter.

2 Add in the squeezed abalone mushrooms so that the abalone mushrooms are covered with batter.

3 Heat up a pan, add in oil (at least cover the abalone mushrooms) and turn to low heat. Pick up the battered abalone mushrooms with chopsticks and place them into the pan.

4 Don’t fry too much at a time( Lots of bubbles will appear).

5 Fry on one side until they turn golden brown before turning it over. Fry until there are less bubbles, pick up and drain the oil, then use a kitchen absorbent paper before serving.


5.Egg enoki mushroom


Enoki mushroom, egg, starch



1 Beat the eggs and wash the enoki mushrooms. Then, divide into small pieces.

2 Dip the enoki mushrooms with a layer of egg liquid, turn it over and dip evenly.

3 Place the enoki mushrooms in starch and dip them evenly.

4 Put oil in a pot and heat. Place the enoki mushrooms in the pot and fry for two minutes. Fry until the shape has set.

5 Remove the fried enoki mushrooms and drain out the oil, then sprinkle with chili powder, cumin powder and chili granules before serving

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