1. Pine Nut Corn


A bowl of sweet corn 

a small bowl of pine nut 

a chili (small) 

a carrot (small) 

a spring onion 

a half teaspoon of salt



1 Cut the chili, carrots, and shallots into corn kernels.


2 Heat up some cooking oil in a pot. When the oil is still half way, put the pine nuts in the pot and cook it over low flame. Cook until the nuts are slightly discolored, Then, take them out and drain off the excess oil.


3 In a separate pot, add cooking oil, chopped green onion and diced carrots. Stir fry until they become fragrant before adding in the diced chili. Then, stir evenly.


4 Add the sweet corn  and stir fry until the corns are also cooked. Next, add half a teaspoon of salt and place the food on a plate.


5 Add in the prepared pine nuts into the plate and mix well. The dish is now ready to be served



2.Salt and Pepper Corn


1 can of Corn

1 Egg

An appropriate amount of Cornstarch

A pinch of Salt

A pinch of Pepper

1 small Chive.



1 Wash the corn kernels and drain off the excess water. Next, put them in a bowl and crack in an egg.


2 Add in a moderate amount of cornstarch and add in more corn.


3 Stir thoroughly to make the corn kernels evenly covered with egg liquid.


4 Add a proper amount of oil to the pot, slightly more than the cooking. When it is 70% to 80% hot, pour the corn kernels, wait for about half a minute and then use a shovel to disperse.


5 Stir-fry for a few times and stop for a while, don’t keep turning, turn off the heat when the corn kernels are golden brown, sprinkle with salt and pepper and chopped green onion while it’s hot, and mix well.



3.Corn and Mushroom Polenta





Shiitake Mushrooms 




1 Wash the rice and soak it in water for more than 1 hour. Wash and cut the carrots into small pieces. Cut the shiitake mushrooms and ham into small pieces.


2 Pour some salad oil in a pan. Next, add in the rice and the shiitake mushrooms and start cooking them.


3 After the oil boils, add carrots and corn. Stir the ingredients continuously while cooking.


4 When the dish is nearly cooked, add the diced ham.


5 Sprinkle in chopped green onion and season the dish with some salt. Take the dish out from the pan and it is ready to be served.



4.Corn Pearl Balls



Minced Beef 


Pepper noodles

Fennel powder 

Chopped Spring Onions 

Minced Ginger 


Corn Oil



1 Soak the glutinous rice in advance and cook the corn. Set them aside for later use.


2 After the corn is cooked, add pepper noodles, fennel powder, chopped green onion, minced ginger, salt and corn oil together with the meat. Mix well and keep stirring in one direction.


3 Put the glutinous rice in a bowl and knead the minced meat into a ball. Then, roll the meat balls in the glutinous rice so the meat balls will be covered in a layer of glutinous rice


4 Slice the potatoes and arrange the potato chips out in a bowl.


5 Place the glutinous rice ball on top of the potato chips and steam for 15 minutes. After that the dish is ready to be served.



5.Baked Corn with Salted Egg Yolk


300g of Canned Sweet Corn 

3 Salted Egg Yolks 

100g of Cornstarch

A moderate amount of Cooking Oil



1 Steam the salted egg yolk on high heat for 10 minutes until cooked.


2 Crush the steamed salted egg yolk with a spoon and grind them into fine powder.


3 Pour out the canned sweet corn and drain off the water. Next, coat the corn kernels with cornstarch. Then, mix well.


4 Ensure all the corn kernels are evenly coated with starch and sift out the excess starch.


5 Heat up some cooking oil in the pot. Next, add in more corn kernels and fry them until they turn golden brown. Then, take them out and drain off the excess oil.


6 Heat up the pot of oil again and ensure the flame is not too high before pouring in the salted egg yolk. Stir fry the egg yolk well.


7 When the salted egg yolk becomes frothy, add the fried corn and stir fry well. When all the ingredients are cooked thoroughly, the dish is ready to be served.



6.Corn with Minced Chicken 


200g of Chicken Breast 

100g of Corn

5g of ham 

125g of Egg White

2g of Salt 

10g of Starch 

3g of Shallots

30g of Lard 

3g of Ginger




1 Mince the chicken breasts into puree and place them in a bowl.


2 Add 150 ml of egg white, chopped green onion, minced ginger, refined salt, wet starch and chicken broth to the minced chicken. Stir well.


3 Wash the tender corn, mash it into a puree in a beating bowl, and filter out the juice with a fine gauze.


4 Pour the corn steep liquor into a bowl of minced chicken and mix well.


5 Cut cooked ham into mung bean-sized cubes.


6 Put the wok on high heat, add the cooked lard and cook until it is 50% hot, put the mixed corn chicken minced into the pot, stir-fry for half a minute with a hand spoon, and wait until the batter has condensed and matured.


7 Pick up a pan, sprinkle with diced ham and serve.



7.Coconut-flavoured Corn and Shrimp Cakes


300g of medium size Shrimp

50g of Cooked Corn Kernels

10g Chopped Spring Onion

10g of Minced Ginger

50g of Shredded Coconut

¼ teaspoon of Salt 

¼ teaspoon of Fine Sugar

A pinch of Pepper

1 teaspoon of Sesame Oil

A moderate amount of Thai Sweet Chili Sauce



1 Wash the shrimps and remove the unwanted parts. Then, mash it into paste


2 Add seasonings, chopped green onion, minced ginger, and corn kernels in with the shrimp paste. Mix well and set it aside for later use.


3 Take an appropriate amount of shrimp paste and knead it into a ball. Next, roll it while it is placed on a layer of coconut shreds and press it into a cake.


4 Heat up the frying pan to 120°C. Then,  add the shrimp cakes and fry slowly on low heat.


5 Fry until the surface of the prawn cakes turn golden brown. Then, take them out and drain off excess oil. 

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