1. Luncheon Meat and Chips


Luncheon meat, potato chips, egg, corn flour



Step 1. Cut the luncheon meat into strips and crack the egg in a bowl. Set them aside for later use. (do not cut it too thin ). 


Step 2. Wrap the potatoes with the luncheon meat. Then, coat the luncheon meat first in a layer of starch, then coat it with a layer of egg. 


Step 3.  Fry the wrap luncheon meat and chips in hot oil until they turn golden brown. Your dish is now ready to be served.


2.Luncheon Meat and Cheese Shortbread


Chinese Scallion Pancakes, Luncheon Meat, Cheese Slices, Eggs, Black Sesame Seeds



Step 1. Cut the cheese into 4 equally divided strips and cut the luncheon meat into squares pieces. and the hand cake is cut into square pieces about the same size as that of luncheon meat


Step 2. Wrap the luncheon meat with a piece of cheese with your hands


Step 3. Coat a layer of egg on the wrapped Scallion pancakes, and sprinkle some black sesame seeds on top for decoration


Step 4. Put it into the preheated oven and bake at 180 degrees celsius  for 20 minutes.


3.Fried Potatoes with Luncheon Meat


Half a box of luncheon meat (cut into smaller pieces)

1 potato (peel and cut into small pieces)

½ a green onion (cut into small pieces)

A moderate amount of black pepper



Step 1. Heat a moderate amount of oil in a pan, then add the luncheon meat and potatoes. Next, fry them over a low flame until it is slightly charred. Then, remove them from the pan and set them aside for now. 


Step 2. Add scallions in and stir fry until becomes fragrant. Then,  mix the luncheon meat and potatoes back in. Stir them until they are mixed evenly with the scallions. 


Step 3.Add a little black pepper as seasoning and mix well. The dish is now ready to be served.

4.Egg Stuffed Luncheon Meat



Half a box of luncheon meat

5 bird eggs



Step 1. Cut each luncheon meat into 4-6 slices.


Step 2. Using the tip of a knife to carefully cut an oval shape gap in the luncheon meat slices. 


Step 3. Place a pan on medium flames, slowly fry the luncheon meat until they become fragrant. Flip the luncheon meat to the other side and repeat the process.


Step 4. Next, crack one bird’s egg and pour its content in hole for each luncheon meat. Fry, the egg and luncheon meat for about 1 minute on low heat. The dish is now ready to be served.


5.Luncheon Meat Egg Rolls



A moderate amount of luncheon meat

2 eggs

30g of flour

60g of whole wheat flour

A moderate amount of shallots



Step 1. Mix flour, whole wheat flour, and a little salt with a moderate amount of water into a batter.  Then, add a few drops of oil and mix well


Step 2. Crack the eggs and add some salt, then beat well. Next, add chopped green onions and  continue to stir until it has mixed evenly.


Step 3. Heat the pan with a thin layer of oil until it boils. Then, add the batter and spread it into a pancake shape. After the pancake is cooked, take it out and place it on the chopping board


Step 5. Pour the egg on top and spread it into a cake shape. When the egg is about to solidify, put the freshly fried pancake on it and continue to cook.


Step 6. After the pancake is cooked, put the pancake upside down on the cutting board. Place some luncheon meat slices on the  pancake, then roll it up. Next, cut the roll up pancake into small sections and your egg rolls are ready to be served.


6.Luncheon Meat and Egg Rice美食】一個人也要吃得好!盤點5款超簡單1人日式蓋飯,光看賣相就超有胃口!


Luncheon meat

An egg

A moderate amount of rice

A moderate amount tomato sauce or chili sauce



Step 1. Cooked the rice.


Step 2. Cut the luncheon meat into small pieces, then fry them in the pan until they turn golden brown. Take them out and set aside


Step 3. Crack the eggs and add some salt to the egg, you have the option to make them into fried eggs or scrambled eggs.


Step 4. Put the rice in a bowl, put luncheon meat and eggs


Step 5. Add the right amount of tomato sauce/chili sauce on the luncheon meat and it is ready to be served.


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