1.Milk stew


Milk, eggs, sugar



1 Heat up the milk first at room temperature. (It doesn’t need to be too hot) Then, add in a sugar and stir

2 Beat the eggs, put the milk in and mix well

3 Find a bowl and cover it tightly and steam it for about 10 minutes!

2.Caramel Milk Tea


250ml of milk, 3g tea, 10g sugar



1 First, boil the sugar and slowly turn the high heat to low heat and cook until it turns brown. Then, add it to the milk tea

2 Bring it to a boil over medium-high heat, then turn to medium-low heat and cook until the aroma of “milk” and “tea” comes out!


3.Crispy fried milk


250g of milk, 100g of fried powder, 35g of sugar, 30g of corn starch, 15ml of condensed milk, 120g of water



1 Pour in  milk, sugar, corn starch and condensed milk into a pot together. Stir evenly and heat

2 Stir with a spoon until the milk becomes mushy before turning off the heat

3 Pour the milk paste into a container and then cover with plastic wrap

4 Take it out and cut it into small pieces

5 Take out the fried powder and pour it into a bowl. Add in clean water. While pouring in several times, stir it into a paste (not too thin)

6 Heat the pan with oil, turn to low heat, pour the milk cake into the pan and fry until it turns golden brown!


4.Milk and Egg Crispy Pancakes


Milk, eggs, flour, salt



1 Beat the eggs, then add in flour and stir

2 According to the viscosity of the batter, add in milk to stir the batter and then add in salt as well

3 Put oil in a pot to heat up, spoon the batter to spread the bottom of the pot into a round shape

4 Fry the 2 sides until they turn golden brown! (If you like, you can add in diced sausage or sauce)


5.Milk Coconut Dessert


260g of milk, 80g of condensed milk, 40g of corn starch, 10g of white sugar, Shredded coconut



1 Mix 60 grams of milk and cornstarch first

2 Add in the remaining milk and condensed milk. Put the sugar in the pot and stir while boiling over medium heat

3 After cooking, pour in the freshly mixed milk corn starch paste into the pot and stir quickly

4 When the milk becomes mushy and thicker, quickly pour it into the Pule Coconut container

5 After waiting at room temperature, put it in the refrigerator overnight. After demolding, cut into pieces and roll with shredded coconut. Now it is time to dig in!

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