1.Stir-fried Chicken with Crab Mushroom


150g of Crab mushrooms

300g of chicken thigh




Chicken Powder 

Light Soy Sauce 

Sunflower Oil 


Sesame Oil




1 Wash and cut the skinless chicken thighs, mix well with light soy sauce, cornstarch, chicken powder, sugar, salt and sesame oil, and marinate for 30 minutes.


2 Remove the heads of crab mushrooms, soak them in water for 30 minutes, wash and drain.


3 Heat the oil pan, put the marinated chicken thighs, and stir-fry both sides to golden brown.


4 Add the crab mushrooms and stir-fry until cooked. After that the dish is ready to be served



2.Kimchi Tofu Pot


200g of Spicy Cabbage 

100g of Tofu 

Enoki Mushroom 

Crab Mushroom 

50g of Oily Tofu

Shiitake Mushroom



Chicken Essence


Sesame Oil

Chili Sauce

Yellow Sauce




  1. Slice tofu; Cut the oily tofu and spicy cabbage into cubes; Finely chop the spring onion and ginger. Wash of enoki mushrooms, crab mushrooms and shiitake mushrooms.


  1. Blanch the tofu in boiling water. Then, take it out and drain off the excess water. Pour a small amount of cooking oil in the pan. Then, add in ginger and chopped green onion. Stir fry until the dish until they turn fragrant. Next, add in the spicy cabbages and stir-fry the spicy cabbage well.


  1. When the ingredients become fragrant, pour in boiling water with a tablespoon of soybean paste and a tablespoon of chili sauce. Bring the dish to a boil before adding into a tofu, oily tofu, enoki mushrooms and crab mushrooms. Then, cook them for 3 minutes.


  1. Arrange tofu slices neatly in a pot. Next, add in the shiitake mushrooms and leave it to simmer for 5 minutes.


  1. Add chicken essence and sesame oil in the dish. Then, sprinkle chopped green onions before serving.



3.Crab Mushroom Chicken Vegetable Noodles


100g of Chicken Breast 

40g of Carrots

40g of Green Beans

30g of Crab Mushrooms 

A appropriate amount of Noodles



30g of Salad Oil

1 teaspoon of Salt

15 g of Vinegar

Light Soy Sauce

3g of Cornstarch

Half a teaspoon of Oyster Sauce 

10g of Sesame Oil


Chicken Essence




1.Wash chicken breasts; Diced carrots, green beans and crab mushrooms.


2 Cook the crab mushrooms, green beans and diced carrots in boiling water. After they are cooked, take them out and set them aside.


3 Place the green beans, carrots and crab mushrooms in a bowl. Then, add light soy sauce, chicken essence, pepper, vinegar, sesame oil and oyster sauce. Mix evenly.


4 Dice the chicken breasts. Next, mix the chicken with cornstarch, a small amount of water and 1/4 teaspoon of salt. Cook the diced chicken on a grill. When they are done, strain off the oil.


5 Add the fried chicken to the vegetable bowl and mix well again.


6 Remove the dried noodles after they are cooked, put them in a bowl, and pour in the condiments and sauce at the end.



4.Four Mushroom Pot


150g of Black Fungus 


Crab Mushrooms

Shimeji Mushrooms



2 tablespoons of Light Soy Sauce

1 tablespoon  of Oyster Sauce

Bibimbap sauce



1 Soak the black fungus. Wash all the mushrooms. Then, cut them into similar sized cubes.


2 Place the black fungus at the bottom-most layer of the pot. Next, place the mushrooms on top.


3 Add one spoonful of bibimbap sauce, one spoonful of oyster sauce, two spoonfuls of light soy sauce into the pot. Next, close the lid and bring all the ingredients to a boil on low heat. When they are cooked, turn off the flame and leave it to simmer for a while before serving.



5.Butter Mushroom Cheese Rice Roll


5 small Shiitake Mushrooms 

80g of Oyster Mushrooms

A pack of Crab Mushrooms 

1 bowl of Rice 

5 spring Roll Wrappers



1 teaspoon of Salt

A moderate amount of Sugar 

A moderate amount of Pepper 

1 tablespoon of Cream 

50g of Cheese Powder 

1 tablespoon of Truffle Sauce 

250ml of Fresh Cream 

5 slices of Cheese



1 To make truffle rice: stir-fry small pieces of crab mushrooms, shiitake mushrooms and oyster mushrooms on a hot pan.


2 When you are done frying, add white rice, fresh cream, salt, sugar and cheese powder. Next, add truffle sauce and stir-fry until they become fragrant.


3 To make paper rice rolls: Place the truffle rice on the spring roll wrappers, and then spread the shredded cheese on top. 


4 Preheat a frying pan. Then, add the spring rolls and deep fry them until they change color.



6.Baked Seafood with Shiitake Mushrooms


20g of Shiitake Mushrooms and 

Crab Mushrooms

30g of King Trumpet Mushrooms

30g of Mushrooms

16 Shrimps

8 sliced ​​Grouper Fillets

200g of Black Rice 

60g of Flour 

600g of Milk 

2 Egg Yolks



60g of Cream 

30g of Anhydrous Butter

A pinch of Salt

A moderate amount of Rice Wine



1 Cook the black rice; Slice shiitake mushrooms, trumpet mushrooms and mushrooms; Tear the crab mushrooms. Then, heat up a little salad oil in a pot and use it to fry the mushrooms and serve on a plate.


2 Next, add butter into the asme and melt over low heat. Then, pour in flour and stir well. After it becomes a paste, add milk and stir for 8 minutes on low heat to make the white sauce.


3 In a separate small pot, add egg yolks, 4 tablespoons of water and a large pot half full of Then, stir continuously while heating it over a small flame.


4 After the egg yolks have solidified a little, add anhydrous butter and keep stirring to make sabaoon sauce. Then, take it out and pour it into a bowl.


5 Spread the cooked black rice on a baking tray.


6.Mix the sabaoon sauce with the white sauce. Add all the remaining ingredients into the sauce and mix well. Then, spread the mixed sauce and all the ingredients on the surface of the rice.


7 Before baking, sprinkle Parmesan cheese powder on top. Next, bake the dish in the oven at 200 degrees for about 15 minutes. After that, the dish is ready to be served.


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