1.Fresh fried scallops



160 grams of fresh scallops

70 grams of sweet beans

15 grams of carrots

1 green onion

10 grams of ginger

1 chili



1 tablespoon of oyster sauce

1 tablespoon of rice wine

50cc of Water

1 teaspoon cornstarch water

1 teaspoon of sesame oil



1 Cut the Carrot into slices; tear off the thick edges of the sweet beans. Slice the green onions into sections and the pepper and ginger into slices. Then, set aside.

2 Place the fresh scallops in boiling water and blanch for about 10 seconds, then remove and drain.

3 Heat up a pan with 1 tablespoon of salad oil. Sauté the shallots, ginger slices and chili flakes over low heat

4 Add in fresh scallops, sweet beans, carrot slices, oyster sauce, rice wine and water. Then, stir-fry over medium heat.

5 Stir-fry the ingredients for about 30 seconds, add in cornstarch water to thicken and finally sprinkle with sesame oil.


2.Stir-fried Raw Scallops with XO Sauce



250 grams of fresh scallops

30 grams of green beans

1/3 red sweet pepper

1/3 yellow sweet pepper

2 garlic cloves

1/3 pepper



2 tablespoons of Xo sauce

A pinch of salt

A pinch of white pepper



1 Wash the fresh scallops, drain the water and set aside.

2 Cut the green beans into slices, then cut the red and yellow bell peppers into diamond-shaped slices. Slice the garlic and chili  for later use.

3 Start up the wok, add in a tablespoon of salad oil to heat. Then, add in all the ingredients of step 2 and stir-fry evenly over medium heat.

4 Add in the fresh scallops of Practice 1 with all the seasonings and stir-fry evenly.

3.Sauteed fresh scallops with red onion



200 grams of fresh scallops

1 tablespoon of cream

2 tablespoons of flour

Red and yellow bell peppers

Green broccoli



2 tablespoon of minced pork with red onion

2 tablespoons white wine



1. Wash and drain the fresh scallops, then dip them in flour and set aside.

2. Cut the red, yellow pepper and green broccoli into appropriate sizes, then blanch them until they are cooked and set aside.

3. Heat up the frying pan, add in butter over low heat. Then, add in the fresh scallops and fry until they turn golden on both sides.

4. Sprinkle with white wine and fry for a while. Then, take it out and serve on a plate, top off with minced pork with red onion.

4.Baked scallops



300 grams of fresh scallops

1 tablespoon of cream

1 tablespoon of white wine

2 tablespoons garlic black pepper paste

100 grams of cheese



1. Wash the fresh scallops and set aside.

2. Take out a saucepan, place the butter in the pot and cook until they melt

3. Put in the fresh scallops of Practice 1 and fry them over low fire until both sides turns golden brown. Then, pour in white wine and turn to high heat to allow the alcohol to evaporate.

4. Put the fresh scallops in the baking tray, drizzle with garlic black pepper sauce and sprinkle with a layer of cheese.

5. Preheat the oven to 180°C, place the semi-finished baked scallops into the oven and bake for about 10-15 minutes until the surface turns golden brown.

5.Scallop Bamboo Fungus Chicken Soup



5 scallops

10 bamboo fungus

1/2 local chicken

20 grams of sliced ​​ginger



2 teaspoons of salt

1 teaspoon of chicken powder

50g of Cooking rice wine



1. Rinse the scallops with clean water and put it in a steamer to steam for 30 minutes.

2. Blanch the chicken with hot water for 3 minutes until the skin shrinks and remove the cold water for later use.

3. Soak the bamboo fungus in water for about 20 minutes until it softens. Remove and cut into 2 cm sections, then blanch it with boiling water for 1 minute. Remove the cold water and wash the fine sand in the bamboo fungus with water for later use.

4. Take out a casserole and add in 6 bowls of water. Place in the scallops, local chicken, bamboo fungus, ginger slices and all seasonings into the casserole and cook for 60 minutes on high heat.

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