1.Coconut Red Bean Roll


90 grams of glutinous rice flour, 20 grams of corn starch, 20 grams of corn oil, 5 grams of sugar, 125 grams of water, red beans



1. Place glutinous rice flour, corn starch, sugar in a bowl and mix well. Add in oil and water and stir well. Cover with plastic wrap and steam for 20 minutes in a steamer

2. Steam and let it cool. Roll into a rectangular shape and spread a layer of red beans. Then roll it up, sprinkle a layer of minced coconut and cut into pieces.


2.Purple Sweet Potato Glutinous Rice Roll


200 grams of glutinous rice flour, 200 grams of water, 40 grams of sugar, 200 grams of purple sweet potato, beef
3 tablespoons of milk, minced coconut



1. Peel the purple sweet potato. Wash it, cut it into thin slices and place it on a plate. (The thinner one will cook faster)

2. Add in water to the glutinous rice flour and stir well. Then, add in 20 grams of sugar and stir well. Pour it into a plate, cover with plastic wrap and pierce a few small holes with a toothpick;

3. Place the purple potato plate and the glutinous rice plate in the steamer and steam them over water. About 15 minutes after steaming, use chopsticks to prick the purple potato. If it can be pierced thoroughly, it will be cooked. If the glutinous rice is not cooked, you can simmer for another two minutes;

4. Take out the purple sweet potato, add in 20 grams of sugar and milk and use a fork to press it into a pureed purple sweet potato

5. Stir the steamed glutinous rice dough with chopsticks to dissipate the heat, then cover with plastic wrap and let it dry for a while. You can continue to do it without being hot. Place the glutinous rice dough on the chopping board and sprinkle it on the chopping board. For some coconut paste, sprinkle the surface of the glutinous rice dough with coconut paste, roll it into a thinner noodle and spread the purple potato puree on the glutinous rice

6. Roll up from one end and try to roll it tightly. Cut them into small pieces and enjoy!

3.Meaty Glutinous Rice Roll


400 grams of flour, 210 grams of water, 10 grams of sugar, 2 grams of yeast, half a catty of glutinous rice, half a root of sausage, 6 mushrooms, and half a carrot, half a spoon of dark soy sauce, 2 spoons of light soy sauce,  sugar, salt



1. The glutinous rice should be soaked for more than 2 hours and it is more convenient to soak overnight.

2. Soak the mushrooms in warm water, then wash and dice. Peel the carrots and dice and cut two sausages into small pieces.

3. Place oil in the pot and sauté the sausages slowly on a low heat. Stir and add in the diced carrots.

4. Add in the diced shiitake mushrooms, stir-fry and add in the soaked and washed glutinous rice. Remember to add a small bowl of water, otherwise it will be easy to paste. Add in the right amount of dark soy sauce, light soy sauce, sugar and salt.

5. Do not fry for a long time, turn off the heat when the glutinous rice has absorbed the moisture. Then put it in a basin, place in a steamer and steam for 20 minutes. It takes a while to cool. So let’s steam the filling first and then knead the dough.

6. Add in flour with water. (Sugar can be omitted). Mix with 2 grams of yeast and knead into a smooth dough and ferment to double the size.

7. Divide the dough into 3 portions and operate separately. First knead a piece of dough, roll out large bubbles, then roll out into a rectangle. Cut the irregular shape on the edge. Use the remaining dough on the next dough.

8. Spread the glutinous rice filling flat in the middle of the dough and leave it on both sides. You can dip your hands with cold water to prevent from sticking.

9. Pinch both sides of the dough tightly, turn to the bottom and cut into equal pieces.

10. Use a sharp knife or thin line to make a diamond-shaped grid on the dough, make sure it is not too deep.

11. After everything is done, place them in a steamer filled with cold water one by one for two times for half an hour.

12. Then turn to high heat. When it has heated, turn to medium heat and steam for 18 minutes. Simmer for 2 minutes before serving


4. Chocolate Sticky Rice Roll


150 grams of glutinous rice flour, 190 grams of water, 25 grams of corn oil, 10 grams of caster sugar, 10 grams of water, red bean paste, cocoa powder



1. Stir with clean water + corn oil, + sugar +glutinous rice flour and stir evenly.

2. Pour into a large bowl and cover with heat-resistant plastic wrap. Stick a few times on the surface and steam for 20 minutes on high heat

3. Let it dry and take it out without being hot. Place it on a non-stick baking tray and roll it out into a rectangle, smear it with red bean paste and roll it up to enjoy


5.Taro mashed glutinous rice rolls with milk


Glutinous rice rolls︎: 120g of glutinous rice flour, 30g of sticky rice flour, 20g of sugar, 170g of milk, 20g of coconut oil

Taro puree: 150g of taro, 5g of sugar, 100g of milk, floss, purple sweet potato or purple sweet potato powder



1. Cut the taro into small pieces and steam for 30 minutes. Add in sugar and milk to crush into a puree. If you like to have a grainy feel, you can keep some of the grains and let cool for later use.

2. To make glutinous rice rolls, mix the flour into the milk and stir evenly

3. Place the batter into a larger and shallower container. Cover with plastic wrap and pierce some small holes and steam for 20 minutes after boiling in a pot under cold water

4. After the glutinous rice ball has steamed, let it cool down and add in coconut oil. Stir and knead well

5. Roll the glutinous rice ball into a dough crust of about 3mm. Spread the taro mash and pork floss and roll up from one end before cutting into pieces.


6.Peanut Sesame Glutinous Rice Roll


110 grams of glutinous rice flour, 90 grams of boiled water, 15 grams of white sugar, peanuts, black sesame seeds, white sesame seeds



1. Add sugar to the glutinous rice flour, pour in boiling water and stir while pouring. Stir until the flour has dry and then knead it into a smoother and softer glutinous rice dough.

2. Prepare two pieces of non-stick greased paper, apply a thin layer of cooking oil under one pad and place the kneaded dough on top. Place the other on top and roll out a rectangular slice.

3. Pour two bowls of water into the Electric Baking Pan and bring to a boil. Place on the steamer and place the dough together with the greased paper and steam for 10 minutes.​

4. While steaming, we will fry the peanuts and peel them. Fry the black sesame and white sesame as well.

5. Pour the peanuts, black sesame and white sesame into a fresh-keeping bag and use a rolling pin to crush them to keep some small granular shapes and taste more delicious.

6. Protect the steamed glutinous rice dough from cooling and sprinkle with a layer of ground peanuts and sesame seeds. Leave little cuts on the edge.

7. Roll the dough from one side, grease the knife edge and divide the dough into seven.

8. Preheat the bottom plate of the electric baking pan, smear a little oil and place the glutinous rice roll in and fry until both sides are slightly yellow and crispy.

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