1.Stewed Peach Gum and Lotus Seed Tong Sui



20g of Peach Gum

80g of Lotus Seeds

1 Dried White Fungus

10 Red Dates

A moderate amount of Goji Berry

100g of rock sugar

A moderate amount of Fine Sugar

1200ml of Water



Step 1. First wash the white fungus and peach gum. Next, soak them in different bath of water for 8-12 hours


Step 2. After soaking the white fungus, remove the roots and chop it into smaller pieces. Set them aside for later use.


Step 3. After the peach gum is soaked, remove the peach gum and cut into small pieces. Set them aside for later use.


Step 4. Divide the white fungus into two parts, throw half of the white fungus, lotus seeds, and peach gum into the water to boil. Once it is done boiling, turn off the heat and let it cool omg tor onion for 40 minutes.


Step 5. For the other half, let them simmer in low heat for 20 minutes. Turn it to medium heat and cook it  for another 30 minutes.


Step 6. Add the rock sugar and two tablespoons of fine sugar into the soup with some and Chinese goji berry and red dates. Let the soup simmer for 15 minutes on low heat. After that, switch off the flames and let it simmer for another 30 minutes.


2.Peach Gum Barley Tong Sui


30 peach gum

15g of Raw Barley

15g of Cooked Barley

15g of Pearl Barley

50g of Bean Curd Skin

2 Red Dates

45g of Rock Sugar

1500ml of water



Step 1. Soak the peach gum for 7 hours, then remove the black spots. 


Step 2. Cook the raw barley first. After cooking for 30 minutes, add in the other ingredients and let it simmer in low flame. 


Step 3. After simmering for an hour, the  Tong Sui is ready to be served.


3.Pear Longan Peach gum Tong Sui With Jujube



1 Snow Pear

20g of Peach Gum

Right amount of rock sugar

30g longan

10 red dates

1500 ml water

A moderate amount of berries



Step 1. Soak the peach gum in clean water for about 6 to 8 hours until it turns soft. Remove the unwanted impurities on peach gum and cut it into small pieces. Next, cut the pear into bite size pieces. Cut the red dates in half.


Step 2. Put all the ingredients in a bot and bring it to a boil over low heat. Let the Tong Sui simmer for 1 hour.

Step 3. Pour a small portion of the content into a bowl and it is ready to be served.

4.Fresh Milk Peach Gum and Tremella Tong Sui



200g of peach gum

One whole dried white fungus

50g of rock sugar

1 litre of water

A moderate amount of fresh milk

A moderate amount amount of mango



Step 1. Soak peach gum in 500ml of water for about 8 hours. After soaking, remove any unwanted impurities from the peach gum.


Step 2.  Fill water with 4 tablespoon of rock sugar and the peach gum into a large electric cooker. Keep the remaining water in a cup and set it aside for now.


Step 3. Turn on the electric cooker and cook until the soup has thickens to your liking.                                                      


Step 4. Next, cut the white fungus into pieces with scissors so that 


Step 5. When the electric pot is done cooking, add in the white fungus from earlier. Now, add as much rock sugar as you like until it has reached your desired taste. After your are done adjusting the taste, add the cup of excess water into the pot and your soup is done.


Step 6. Now, you can add fresh milk and mango and your dish is ready to be served. Alternatively, you can replace the mango with other ingredients like strawberry, blueberry, papaya, watermelon, sweet potato or taro. 

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5.Fresh Milk Peach gum and Papaya Tong Sui



10g of Peach Gum

Half a piece of Papaya

10g of Goji Berries

6 Dried Longans

A moderate amount of Water 

A moderate amount of Milk

10g of Rock Sugar



Step 1. Soak the peach gum in water for at least 8 hours. 


Step 2 After 8 hours, remove any unwanted impurities from the peach gum. Next, place them in water and set them aside for now.


Step 3 Pour the papaya, goji berry and dried longan into the stewing pot. Then, add water with the peach gum into the pot. Fill the till pot about 3 quarter full.


Step 4 Cover the pot up and let simmer for 60 minutes on low heat.


Step 5. After being simmer, pour rock sugar and the milk until you have filled the pot. Stir well then cover the pot again and cook for another 10 minutes.


Step 6. Before serving, stir to make the rock sugar and milk evenly.

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