1.Hot and sour La la with Passion fruit


500g of La la

Millet pepper and minced garlic

A pinch of coriander

One Lemon

One Passion fruit  (cut open and take out the fruit sac)

70ml of Light soy sauce  (depending on your personal taste )

2 tablespoons of rice vinegar

1 spoon of oyster sauce

2 teaspoons of white sugar



1. After preparing all the ingredients, add water to the pot.

2. Add in ginger and the washed ginger after the water has boiled, cook for 5-6 minutes until the garlic has fully opened. Drain the water and let it cool.

3. Add in all the ingredients, mix well and serve.


2.Thai Lemon Shrimp with Passion Fruit



15 shrimps

3 slices of ginger

3 spoons of cooking wine

1 lemon


2 Passion fruit

Chopped green onion

Ground coriander

Minced onion

Millet spicy moderate amount

3 tablespoons of light soy sauce

3g of Salt

3 tablespoons of sesame oil

White sesame seeds



1 Prepare the ingredients: Firstly,  Wash the shrimp and remove the shrimp thread. Chopped the Spicy millet, onion, coriander and  green onion. Cut the lemon into slices

2 Cook the shrimps for about three minutes before taking them out. Then Soak them in ice water for a while and place them aside.  Cut the passion fruit and lemon.

3 Peel the shrimp shells while keeping the tails. Add 3 grams of salt, 3 spoons of light soy sauce, sesame oil, and mix all the ingredients

4 Mix well and take good care of each shrimp. (You can adjust the ingredients according to your taste)

5 Seal the dish with plastic wrap and refrigerate it for 30 minutes before serving.


3. Passion Fruit Beef Sour Soup



5 Passion fruit

3 slices of ginger

3 garlic

Millet pepper (depend on how spicy you like)

Beef (The amount you like)

Half of the Enoki mushroom

Sugar, salt, vinegar



1. Cook the beef first and pick it up when done.

2. Heat up the pot and add green onion, ginger, garlic before frying.

3. Pour in passion fruit over low heat and stir fry until it turns slightly yellow.

4. Add broth or water (Amount varies on the meat).

5. Add in sugar (3-4 spoons), salt (1 spoon), white vinegar (one spoon) (Taste the amount you have put in if it is suitable to your taste)

6. Lastly, add in enoki mushrooms and beef to finish the dish.


4. Bacon Salad with Passion Fruit Yogurt Dressing



1 Mango

2 Kiwis

Canned pineapple

Several grapes


1 box of Original yogurt

4 Passion Fruits

4 tablespoon of sugar

Salad dressing

Lemon zest



1. Wash and dice the fruits for later use

2. Time to produce the Jam: Passion fruit and sugar are simmered at a ratio of 1:1 for 20 to 30 minutes and let it aside to cool.

3. Mix in the cold passion jam with salad and original yogurt

4. Pour the diced fruits into the cup and drizzle with homemade passion jam. Add in mixed nuts or raisins for further enjoyment.


5. Passion Fruit Shrimp Balls

百香蝦球- 食譜自由配- 自由電子報


4 Passion Fruits

8 shrimps

30g of Cabbage shreds

10g of Shredded cucumber


3 tablespoons of passion fruit juice

1/2 tablespoon of lemon juice

3 tablespoons of beauty milk

1/4 teaspoon salt


Ingredients to Marinate the shrimp:

1/2 tablespoon of cooking wine

1/4 tbsp of white pepper

1/2 teaspoon salt



1 Prepare the ingredients: Cut the cucumbers and cabbage. Shred the shrimps and remove the intestines. Wash the marinated rice wine, white pepper, pickle and set them aside.

2 Boil the green onion and the wine in a pot of hot water, then blanch the shrimps until they are fully cooked. Soak it in ice water for later use. Cut the Passion fruit open.

3 Dig out the pulp and strain out the juice with a strainer. When the passion fruit is hollow, wash and wipe it dry. Place down the cabbage and cucumber.

4 Mix the passion fruit juice with lemon juice salt. Pour 1 tablespoon of the sauce on the passion fruit, then add in the shrimps and drizzle a little sauce to complete the dish

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