1.Fried chicken with curry leaves

娘惹炸雞丁Nyonya Inchicabin Chicken – 美味風采Oriental Cuisine


300g of Chicken

3 shallots

3 garlic cloves

2-3 curry leaves

1 piece of Pandan leaf

4-5 lemon leaves

2 lemongrass

1 green chili

1/2 tablespoon  of tamarind juice

Cooking oil

Need to grind:

3 shallots

1 garlic

1 green chili pepper

3 grams of Turmeric

3 grams of ginger




1 Cut the chicken into proper sizes, finely chop the red onion and garlic. Chop the pandan leaves, lemon leaves, lemongrass, and cut the green chili into circles.

2 After the ingredient have been grated, place it into the bowl with chicken and mix well with tamarind juice. Marinate for about 15 minutes.

3 Heat the pot and pour in oil to fry the marinated chicken until it is half-cooked, then you can pick it up.

4 Mix well with the ingredients and pour all of them into the pot and fry until the chicken turns brown and enjoy.


2.Golden  Curry leaves with crab



3 Chinese mitten crab

4 salted egg yolks (cooked)

1 small handful of curry leaves


1 small piece of ginger

1 small piece of green onion



1 Wash the crabs, curry leaves, shred ginger, chopped green onions and set theme aside.(Make sure to not untie the rope of the crab)

2 Firstly, break off the umbilical cord of the crab. The horizontal rope is tied to its legs, so it will not be able to harm us. Use a kitchen knife to cut the crab in the middle. It is best not to break it and keep the shell intact. You can untie the rope once you are done.

3 Break down half of the crab body and keep the other half connected to the shell. This will preserve the crab roe as much as possible during the process of frying the crab, and avoid from scrambling. It is better than the traditional method of breaking the shell completely and cutting the crab body in half.  By using this method, the crab essence and flavor will be preserved more.

4 Sprinkle some dry starch on the crab. Fry the crabs in the pan, cover and simmer for ten seconds until the crabs turn red.

5 Crush the egg yolk as much as possible, so that it can be more evenly attached to the crab.

6 Place the scallion, ginger and curry leaves in a hot pot with cold oil and stir until fragrant.

7 Add in the salted egg yolk and stir fry. When there is froth in the pan, add the crab and stir fry until the the egg is evenly covered on the crab. Once done, turn off the heat and served.


3.Stir-fried shrimp with curry leaves



250g of fresh shrimp

Curry leaves

Minced garlic


Soy sauce



1 When the ingredients are ready, add oil and sauté the shrimp. Slowly simmer until the shrimp oil comes out and set it aside.

2 Reserve the shrimp sauce, sauté the minced garlic and red pepper rings. Add in the curry leaves, salt and soy sauce and stir-fry until the flavor is obtained.

3 Pour in the fried shrimp, stir fry evenly and serve.

4.Roasted Potatoes with Curry Leaves


Curry leaves



Minced Garlic



1 Chop the curry leaves into fine pieces.

2 Cut the potatoes into strips and boil them in water. Mix them with salt, minced garlic and curry leaves.

3 Place it in the oven and bake for ten minutes. Serve it  on a plate and shape the tomato skin as a flower for decoration.


5.Easy Curry Chicken

原汁原味咖哩雞(無辣版) by 心機煮婦- 愛料理


Half a carrot

1 potato

Half an onion

1 chicken breast

2 garlic cloves



Rice wine

Indian curry powder



1 Dice all of the ingredients.

2 Marinate the diced chicken breast with rice wine

3 Heat up the oil pan first, add in diced onion, and sauté until fragrant.

4 Add in the curry leaves and continue to fry until aroma is produced.

5 Add in diced carrots and diced potatoes to boil

6 Add in chicken and water, continue to cook until the chicken has soften.

7 Add in Indian curry powder and mix thoroughly with water. Once it has finish boiling, take it out and serve.

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