1.Beer Shrimps



300g of Fresh Shrimps (Skin removed)

250ml of Beer

3 cloves of Garlic

2 Onions

5 slices of Ginger

A moderate amount of Chilies

A pinch of salt



Step 1. Preheat a frying pan. Then, add garlic, onion, and ginger slices in the pan and sauté them for about a minute.


Step 2. Next, add the deskinned shrimps in the pan and stir fry until they are nearly done.


Step 3. Add beer into the pan and turn the flame to high heat. Stir well until the shrimps is completely cooked.


Step 4. Add shallots, chilies and a little salt to taste. Stir well before removing the shrimps from the pan. The dish is now ready to be served.



2.Beer Stew



4 Strips of Sirloin

Half of a white radish

Half a Carrot

1 Tomato

Half an onion

1 stalk of Spring Onion

2 cloves of Garlic.

4 slices of Ginger

1 Star Anise



A can of honey beer

3 tablespoon of Soy Sauce

1 tablespoon of Sugar

1 tablespoon of Spicy Bean Paste




Step 1. Preheat pot, add 2-3 tablespoon of olive oil.


Step 2. When the oil starts to boil, add onions, celeries, carrots, spring onions and garlics. Stir fry them until they are charred.

Step 3. Add the beef and fry it until they are burnt. Then, add the spicy bean paste and continue to stir fry the ingredients.


Step 4. Add red wine, continue to stir and be sure to scrape the burnt ingredients that have stick to the bottom of the pot, this is an important source of flavour.


Step 5. Add beer, star anise, white radish, wait for the water to boil. Once the water boils, cover the pot and let it simmer over a low flame.


Step 6. After simmering for about half an hour, remove the white radish from the soup and continue to let the soup simmer for about half an hour. After the beef has been softened, add the tomatoes and white radish back in the pot and boil for 5 minutes. Turn the flame off and the dish is ready to be served.



3.Braised Chicken with Wine



A whole Chicken

1 Onion

3 cloves of Garlic

400ml of Beer

2 stalks of Spring Onions


Chicken Marinade Sauce:

1 tablespoon of Wine

1 teaspoon of Salt

A pinch of white pepper



2 tablespoons of Soy Sauce

1 teaspoon of Brown Sugar

1 teaspoon of Paprika

1/2 teaspoon of Black Pepper



Step 1. Wash the chicken, then cut the it into pieces, and marinate in chicken in the sauce for at least 2 hours.


Step 2. Cut the onion into large pieces. Peel the garlic and pat it flat. Cut the onion into slices and set it aside for later use.


Step 3. Heat up a pan with one tablespoon of oil. Then, add onion along with garlic into the pan and sauté them until they turn fragrant. Next, set the garlic and onion aside, but leave the oil in the pan.


Step 4. Now, place the marinated chicken pieces in the pan and fry them until they completely turn golden brown.


Step 5. Place the onion and garlic back into the pot. Then, add the seasonings and beer. Now put the lid back on and let the chicken simmer over medium flames for 30 minutes or until the gravy thickens. Next, squeeze some lime juice over the chicken and the dish is ready to be served.


4.Spicy Beer Marinated Egg



5 Eggs

20 Quail Eggs

A can of Beer

A moderate amount of Soy

A pinch of salt

A moderate amount of Star Anise

A pinch of Cinnamon

A pinch of Cumin

A moderate amount of Liquorice

A moderate amount of Tsaoko



Step 1. Submerge the eggs and quail eggs completely in a pot under cold water. Then, add an appropriate amount of salt in the water.


Step 2. Put the star anise, cinnamon, cumin, tangerine peel, liquorice, cardamom, and Tsaoko into the pot. Next, bring the water to a boil.


Step 3. After boiling for 1 minute, remove both the eggs and quail eggs. Then, remove the egg shells and put them back in the pot.


Step 4. Add thee beer with an appropriate amount of soy sauce and salt. After that, cook the ingredients in the pot for more 5 minutes. When it is done, the dish is ready to be served.


5.Beer Boiled Clams

週末上菜/大熱天的輕鬆晚餐「啤酒蒸煮辣椒蛤蠣」 | 旅遊| 聯合新聞網


1 Kg of Flower Clams

175ml of Beer


Mixed Herbs

Black Pepper

Half an Onion (Chopped)



Step 1. Soak clams in water to remove sand.


Step 2. Sauté the chopped onion in a pan with some oil. Then, add clams in and stir-fry well.


Step 3. Pour the beer in the pot. Next cover the pan with a lid and cook it for about 3 minutes.


Step 4. Open the lid and sprinkle with the chopped herbs and black pepper. The dish is now ready to be served.

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