1.Stir-fried Pumpkin with Mushrooms



400g of Pumpkin

30g of Red Pepper

20g of Sweet Beans

100ml of Water



Step 1. Wash the pumpkin, red sweet pepper and sweet beans. Then, cut them into diamond-shaped pieces.


Step 2. Heat up a pan with some oil. Then, add the pumpkin cubes and red sweet pepper cubes into the pan. Next, sauté them until they turn fragrant. After that, add water and cook it over low flame.


Step 3. Add sweet beans and seasoning. Then, stir-fry until the pumpkin cubes are soft. The dish is now ready to be serve


2.Salted Egg Fried Pumpkin



2 Cooked Salted Eggs

300g of Pumpkin

1/2 teaspoon of Minced Garlic

1 teaspoon of Chopped Spring Onion

1/2 bowl of water



Step 1. Peel and cut pumpkin. Next, blanch slightly in cold water and set aside for later.


Step 2. Separate the egg white from the egg yolk. Next, dice the egg white and press the egg yolk into a paste with a spoon. Set them aside for later.


Step 3. Heat a pan, add 1 tablespoon of salad oil, add minced garlic, salted egg whites, pumpkin cubes, and water, boil over low heat until the sauce is thicken and set aside for later.


Step 4. Heat up another pan with 1 tablespoon of salad oil. Next, add the salted egg yolk in the pan and fry over low heat until it expands and turns flaky.


Step 5. Sprinkle the chopped green onion and mix well. pour the egg sauce from earlier and the dish is ready to be served.


3.Pumpkin Roast Pork



300 g of Pork

400 g of Pumpkin

20 g of Minced Ginger

20 g of Minced garlic

10 g of Red Pepper

800ml of Water

50ml of Rice Wine

Half a teaspoon of Salt

1 teaspoon of Sugar

1 teaspoon of Sesame Oil



Step 1. First cut meat and pumpkin into small cubes. Next, cut the red pepper into small pieces and set aside.


Step 2. Heat up a pot with 1 tablespoon of oil. Then, add minced ginger, minced garlic and red pepper flakes. Sauté the ingredients over low flame.


Step 3. Put the pork cube in the pan and stir fry over high flame until it turns slightly white.


Step 4. Add water, rice wine and pumpkin cubes into the pan with the meat. Continue to boil the pan over high flames until it boils. Then, cover the pan with a lid and let the food cook over low flames for another 40 minutes.


Step 5. Cook the pumpkin and meat cubes are soft. Next, add salt and sugar to taste. Then continue to cook until the soup dries up. After that, sprinkle the meat with sesame oil and is ready to be served.


4.Pumpkin Croquettes



300g of Mashed Pumpkin

100g of Mashed Potatoes

100 g of Ground Meat

100 g of Minced Onion

30 grams of cream

Salad Oil


Coating Ingredients:

Low-gluten Flour


Bread flour




Black Pepper



Step 1. Wash the pumpkin, cut into large pieces and remove the seeds, and steam until the skin is cooked. Dig out the pumpkin meat while hot and mash it. Chop the pumpkin skin and mix it with the pumpkin mash.


Step 2. Heat up butter in a pan. When the butter completely melts, add the chopped onion and fry until it becomes transparent. Next, add the ground meat and fry until the meat changes color.


Step 3. Mix all the ingredients from earlier with the mashed potato. Then, add appropriate amount of seasonings to adjust the taste to your preference.


Step 4. Cover your hands in a layer of oil and use them to separate the mashed ingredients into 7 equal size portions.


Step 5. To make croquettes, knead the 7 portions into round shapes, then squeeze them into a cake shape. Next, cover them in an appropriate amount of low-gluten flour, egg and bread flour.


Step 6. Heat up some oil in a pan. Next, place the pumpkin croquettes in the frying pan, deep-fry them over medium-low flames until they turn golden brown. Drain off excess oil and the pumpkin and the croquettes are ready to be served.



5.Pumpkin Bisque



300g of Pumpkin

50g of Carrot Cubes

10g of Celery cubes

20g of Onion cubes

1 tablespoon of Cream



1/4 tsp Chicken Seasoning Powder

500ml of Chicken Stock

50ml of Fresh Animal Cream



Step 1. Peel the pumpkin and remove the seeds. Then, cut the pumpkin into small pieces; peel and cut the carrots into small pieces; Remove coarse fiber and cut the celery into small pieces; peel and cut onion pieces into small pieces. Set the them aside for later.


Step 2. Heat up the butter in a pan. Then, add the pumpkin cubes, onion cubes, and celery cubes of after the butter has melted.


Step 3. Add the carrots and chicken stock. Then, let them simmer for about 20 minutes over low flames. When they are cooked, leave them out to cool.


Step 4. add chicken powder and animal fresh cream with the soup. Mix well in a blender. After that warm the soup up and is ready to be served.


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