1.Sparkling drink with Mint grapefruit

薄荷柚子氣泡飲 食譜成品照片


1 cup of sugar-free sparkling water

2 spoons of grapefruit sauce

Several fresh mint leaves



1.Put the grapefruit sauce in a cup, add in  sparkling water and stir well

2 Add in the mint leaves (you can also chop mint leaves first)

3 Fill with ice cubes, then pour in the sparkling water and put mint leaves on top for decoration


2.Mint Green Orange Tea



Mint green tea, green tangerines, homemade mint syrup (nothing can be omitted), fresh mint leaves



1 Place a tea bag into the cup, pour in hot water and make the tea cool.

2 Cut the green tangerine in half and squeeze the juice of one orange into the brewed mint green tea

3 Pour in the chilled mint syrup. Adjust to the sweetness you like and stir well. (Nothing can be omitted)

4 Place the green orange slices into the cup, rub the fresh mint leaves and put it in the cup. Lastly, place them into the tea juice.


3.Mint Chrysanthemum Tea







When drinking, brew the mint chrysanthemum with hot water first, then pour out the water. Pour in the hot water again to brew the mint chrysanthemum and soak for about 5 minutes before drinking


4.Mint lemon tea



1000cc of Ice mint tea

50cc of Rum

60cc of Lemon juice



Take out the iced mint tea, lime wine and lemon juice. Mix them well and put it in the refrigerator to cool.




Mint leaves, white rum, lime, yellow lemon, mint syrup, soda water, sugar and ice cubes



1 Sprinkle the mint leaves with sugar. Use a spoon to roll them in the cup to allow the mint flavor to fully penetrate the drink.

2 Cut the yellow lemon in half  and cut the lime into small sectors;

3 Squeeze this yellow lemon juice into the cup and cut a slice of lemon into the cup

4 Squeeze out lime juice and put the lime cubes directly into the cup;

5 Add in mint syrup and ice cubes;

6 Pour in about a quarter cup of rum and fill it up with soda water.


6.Honey Lemon Mint Yakult


Mint leaves, 3 bottles of Yakult, honey, 1 lemon



1 Cut the lemon into a cup, add in a spoonful of honey and lemon juice.

2 Pour 3 bottles of iced Yakult into the cup.

3 After mixing well, put the mint leaves into the cup.


7.Mint milkshake


About 30g of mint, a box of milk, sugar



1 Put the milk in the refrigerator, take it out after it is frozen (be careful to keep a little liquid)

2 Put the mint leaves, ice milk and sugar into the a together and blend.

3 Decorate with the remaining mint leaves after pouring out and you’re done!

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