1.Bacon Golden Enoki Mushroom Roll


Bacon Strips; Enoki Mushrooms



1 Cut the bacon in half

2 Cut off the roots of enoki mushrooms, wash and cut them into the same width as bacon.

3 Put the enoki mushroom section on the bacon, take a slightly longer one and place it in the middle. Then, roll up and tie

4 Take out a clean toothpicks  and fix the bacon roll with the toothpicks

5 Put it in a non-stick pan and fry for ten minutes on medium low heat.


2.Fried Enoki Mushroom with Salt and Pepper



1 pack of Enoki mushroom

1 egg

20 grams of flour

Fried chicken powder



Chicken powder




1 Remove the stalks and wash the enoki mushrooms

2 Add in flour, 2 scoops of frying powder, 1 scoop of starch, 1 egg, a pinch of salt, pepper, chicken powder and sugar in a pot.

3 Slowly add  water and mix into a batter without particles.

4 Add the washed enoki mushrooms.

5 Add oil to the pot. When the oil is about 60 to 70% hot, use chopsticks to sandwich the enoki mushrooms.

6 Wait until the shape has been fixed before turning it with chopsticks

7 Fry until the enoki mushrooms turn golden. Take it out and place it on an oil-absorbing paper to absorb the excess oil

8 Sprinkle with salt and pepper  before serving.


3.Roasted Enoki Mushroom



1 enoki mushroom

7 garlic cloves

About 40 grams of oil

2 tablespoons of light soy sauce

Half a spoon of sugar

1 tablespoon of vinegar

1 spoon of oyster sauce

1 spoon of pepper

2 tablespoons of chili noodles

1 spoon of sesame

15 peppers



1 Heat up oil in a pot, pour in the pepper and fry until fragrant. Then, remove the pepper and pour hot oil into a bowl.

2 Add in a spoon of oyster sauce, 1 spoon of vinegar, 2 spoons of light soy sauce and half a spoon of sugar.

3 Spread evenly on the enoki mushrooms.

4 Roast for 15-18 minutes on 200 degrees.


4.Enoki Mushroom


A pack of enoki mushrooms

A spoonful of light soy sauce

Chopped green onion

A spoonful of oil

3 Spicy Millett



1 Cut off the roots of the enoki mushrooms and tear them apart.

2 Boil water in a pot, add in the torn enoki mushrooms after the water has been boiled on high heat. Then, turn off the heat immediately

3 Remove the hot enoki mushrooms, drain them and place them on a plate. Add in chopped green onion and add light soy sauce.

4 Heat up a wok with a spoonful of oil, add in spicy millet, chopped green onion and sauté until fragrant. Once it is done, pour on top of the enoki mushrooms.


5.Golden beef soup



Beef slices, enoki mushroom

Green onion, pepper, cooking wine, light soy sauce, salt, chili oil, garlic, ginger



1 Put oil in a pot, add in the green onion, ginger, garlic, pepper and sauté until fragrant

2 Add in half a pot of water to boil

3 Cook the processed enoki mushrooms for a while

4 Put in the meat slices and cook for a while until the meat slices change color

5 Then, add in cooking wine, light soy sauce and salt

6 Finally, drop some chili oil on the dish.

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