1.Chocolate towel roll



5g of Cocoa powder

10g of Custard powder

1 egg

10g of Melted Butter

15g of Sugar

120g of milk

Cocoa powder (for decoration)

Chocolate cream:

50g of Light cream

Chocolate sauce



1 Sift the flour, cocoa powder and custard powder twice

2 Beat the eggs and add in powder, mix until there is no powder left.

3 Add melted butter with sugar and mix well

4 Add in the milk in small portions and mix well until there are no grains left.

5 Spread the small butter in a hot wok, pour in powder paste and fry on medium-fine heat until bubbles are formed

6 Turn the crust away from the fire, temper and fry for 5 more seconds. Set it aside and let it cool for later use (repeat steps 5 and 6 until the flour paste is used up)

7 Beat the whipped cream to 70% ,then add in chocolate paste and continue to beat

8 Stack the crusts horizontally one by one (approximately 4~5 crusts are used)

9 Coat the whipped cream on the pie crust, fold the upper and lower crusts slightly  and slowly roll the crust horizontally.

10 Rolled the egg sieve with cocoa powder and lastly add in the decoration


2.Taro towel roll



45g of flour

15g of Custard powder

8g of Taro powder

1 egg

10g of Melted Butter

15g of Sugar

120ml of Water



1 Sift the flour, custard powder and taro powder twice

2 Beat the eggs

3 Add powder into the egg mixture once, mix well until there is no powder left

4 Add melted butter with sugar and mix well. Then add in a little bit of water and mix well

5 Heat in on a wok, pour in some egg batter and fry on medium-fine heat. (The bubbling of the pancake means it is ready to cook)

6 Taro sauce: 15g of taro powder and 5g of water, mix them well without powder

7 Stir the 50g of whipped cream to around 70% before adding in the yam sauce. Continue stirring

8 Spread the curst horizontally and coat with taro cream. Fold them up and down and then slowly rolled them up horizontally

9 Sift the taro powder and lastly add garnish before serving,


3.Matcha towel roll



3 Eggs

100g of Low-gluten flour

25g of Corn oil

40g of Sugar

300ml of milk

10g of Matcha powder

300g of fresh cream

30g of Sugar

50g  of Biscuits and chocolate biscuits



1 Stir the eggs and corn oil well.  Then, add in half of the flour with matcha powder and milk

2 After mixing well, add in the remaining flour and milk.

3 Put the biscuits and chocolate biscuits into a bag and break them.

4 Let the batter sit for about 30 minutes before frying the crepe. When you see bubbles in the pot, you can put the dough on a cold rack. Fry all the batter.

5 After the dough is cool, connect the four  layers together

6 Then spread on whipped cream and sprinkle with biscuits.

7 Fold the sides of the dough inward and then slowly roll up from one side to the other

8 Wrap it in plastic wrap and put it in the refrigerator for an hour before taking it out. Enjoy!


4.Oreo towel roll


Pie crust:

2 eggs

35g of white sugar

200g of milk

20g of  butter

100g of low-gluten flour

6g of cocoa powder

Cream filling:

200g of whipped cream

25g of white sugar

Oreo cookies


1 Add in eggs and sugar to the basin and beat. Add in milk with melted butter and mix well. Sift in low-gluten flour,

cocoa powder, stir well and sieve 3 times.

2 Pour a spoonful of batter into a pan, spread it flat and fry it over low heat. Then, let it cool.

3 Add in white sugar to the whipped cream and whip until it becomes creamy.

4 Fold 3 pie crust and join them together. (The cream and Oreo cookies are placed in the middle)

5 Fold up the round edges and roll it into a towel shape.

6 Wrap with plastic wrap and put it in the refrigerator for 2 to 3 hours, then take out a layer of cocoa powder on the sieve and spread it before serving.

5.Strawberry Tower Roll


2 eggs

200ml of Milk

80g of  Low-gluten flour

20g of butter

Two drops of pink food coloring


200g of whipped cream

18g of  white granulated sugar

Several strawberries



1 Beat two eggs, add in milk and stir well. Sift in low-gluten flour and add two drops of food coloring.

2 Then, sift the egg and milk liquid several times. By sifting it several times, it will make the roll skin more delicate

3 Pour olive oil into the pan, then pour the custard into the pan. Spread it flat and fry it over low heat

4 Whip the cream and white sugar until it becomes creamy

5 Fold the 4 pieces of roll skins together. Smear some cream and strawberry slices on top before rolling them up from right to left and into a towel shape

6 Wrap in plastic wrap and keep it in a refrigerator for 30 minutes.

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