1.Pink Lady


RIO cocktail, Sprite, soup spoon



  1. Pour more than half of the Sprite in the cup.
  2. Hold the spoon upside down and with the back of the spoon, pour the cocktail slowly into the cup.


Reminder: Cocktails cannot be poured all at once, they must be poured slowly along the back of the spoon!

2.Red wine Sprite


red wine, soup spoon, Sprite



Same as Pink Lady. First pour more than half of the Sprite into the cup, turn the back of the spoon up, and slowly pour in the red wine, and the color will gradually appear!


Reminder: Same as above, red wine cannot be poured at one time, it must be poured slowly along the back of the spoon!


3.Frozen Salted Lime Soda

Fresh Lemon Soda Recipe / Sweet & Salty Lime Soda Recipe / Nimbu Pani Recipe - Yummy Tummy


Lime, salt, Sprite



Cut the green lemon on the side, sprinkle with salt, put ice cubes in the empty glass, slice the salted lemon, pour into the Sprite, and you’re done!


4. Kumquat Passion Fruit Special Drink


  • 2 small kumquats
  • Some passion fruit pulp
  • Right amount of honey (adjust according to your own taste)
  • A can of sprite
  • Some ice cubes




  1. Cut small kumquats, prepare passion fruit pulp, and ice cubes.


  1. First mix the passion fruit pulp and honey, pour some water and stir evenly, then pour some water to 2/3 of the bottle, throw a few kumquats, and then put some ice cubes


  1. Put in some kumquats at the end and mix well.





The amount of material is not fixed and can be adjusted according ones to taste.

Drinks can be made of water or Sprite, HEDY, or soda.

The amount of honey can be adjusted according to personal taste.



5.Cucumber & Balsam Pear Sprite


Bitter Gourd 100g, Cucumber 100g, Sprite 600ml



Slice bitter gourd and cucumber, and beat into juice in a juicer. Add Sprite, stir, filter the residue, refrigerate for more than 30 minutes, and enjoy.



The white flesh of bitter gourd should be removed, otherwise it will be very bitter.


6.Icy Kiwi Soda


Kwi, Sprite, ice cubes, Lemon, White Sugar (optional)




1. Wash and peel the kiwi fruit and dice the pulp. Wash and cut corners with lemon.


2. Squeeze the lemon juice, pick out the seeds, add sugar and stir.


3. Add diced kiwifruit, ice cubes, pour lemon sugar juice into the glass,


4. Then fill it up with soda water.


7. Lychee Spritzer

Lychee Soda - Southeast Asian Recipes - Nyonya Cooking

Material: Lychee, Sprite



  1. Peel the lychee, put it in a glass bottle, and pour into Sprite.
  2. Refrigerate in the refrigerator for half an hour and enjoy.


8.Sprite rice wine mixed


Sprite 100ml, rice wine 100ml, ice cubes




  1. Pour an appropriate amount of rice wine into the cup.


  1. Add an appropriate amount of iced Sprite.


  1. Just add ice cubes, the taste of Sprite has a slight aroma of rice wine, which is delicious, but also has stamina.




Caution: Sprite rice wine is very sweet beverages and can be easily mistaken for a non-alcoholic beverage, so don’t overindulge on it.


9.Refreshing Sprite Watermelon


  • 300ml milk
  • 100ml Sprite
  • 500ml watermelons
  • 100g ice cubes



  1. Mix the Sprite and milk together.


  1. Pour the mix into a hollowed out watermelon.


  1. Add ice cubes, stir well, and enjoy.
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